How I altered my brain

Warning: This is a longer UPdate and reading it could physically alter your brain.

“The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind.” Wayne Dyer

Your mind.  It is one of your most valuable resources…depending on how you use it.  Ever notice that sometimes you are using your mind for evil rather than good by repeatedly thinking negative, limiting or untrue thoughts?

Something that has significantly helped me and my clients shift our thinking has been learning about how our brains work.  Your brain is not a static, unalterable organ.  It is possible to change the physiology of your brain, which in turn alters your thoughts. You have experienced altering your brain chemistry many times like all of a sudden thinking you’re a great singer after having a few cocktails. Or enjoying a positive attitude from the high you experience after an endorphin-releasing workout.

So how do we change our brain in a way that creates more life enhancing, affirming thoughts? Let’s start with a little very basic science (disclaimer: obviously I am not a scientist or doctor, but this has been explained to me by a scientist and doctor).  Repetitive thoughts in our brain form these things called neural nets in our brain that are a clusters of chemically connected or functionally associated neurons.  What that means is if you think the same thought or type of thought over and over again, it forms a physical cluster of neurons in your brain.  Over time, these neural nets create grooves in your brain that your thoughts gravitate toward. For instance, if you repeatedly think along the lines of, “I am not good enough;” you create a neural net around that limiting belief/thought.  Once that neural net is formed, it becomes easier and easier (even habitual) to think in the direction of “I’m not good enough.”

This will make more sense if I give you a metaphor.  Visualize a house in the middle of a really overgrown field.  See yourself in a truck that is a football field’s distance from the house and your job is to drive the truck to the house.  On your first trip, it’s going to be a bumpy ride as you have to get through all the weeds, bushes and rocks.  You are holding onto the steering wheel pretty tight and focused on your destination.  Now, imagine that you drive the same truck down the same path day after day.  Over time, the wheels would create a path in the field and eventually, the truck will just naturally gravitate down the road you carved by driving down the same path day after day.  It would not require much steering or effort at all.

But say you want to create a different route to the house.  The first time you steered the truck off course it would once again be a bumpy ride. You’d have to steer with focus again to get the truck from going down the easier, well-carved path.  But if you drove the truck down the new path day after day, a new road would form that eventually would feel as natural as the first road you carved.

Your brain is like the field and your thoughts are like the truck.  If you want to change the direction your thoughts naturally gravitate toward, you are going to have to consciously steer them off their natural course and create a new neural pathway in your brain.  Let’s go back to our earlier example of the neural net created by the thought “I am not good enough.” If you want to create a new pathway in your brain, when you notice yourself thinking that limiting thought, IMMEDIATELY redirect your thoughts in a new direction. Over time as you choose new life enhancing and affirming thoughts, you will create new pathways and neural nets in your brain that you will more naturally gravitate towards.  Thinking the thoughts you want to think will become easier as you change the physiology of your brain.

We take our bodies to the gym to alter our physique.  Why don’t we give our brains a workout to alter our state of mind? If you want to change your life, you MUST change your thoughts.  And do so with loving discipline.  Remember, your thoughts about what is happening in your life have a far greater impact on your well being than what is actually happening.  Use your mind for good not evil!


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  • Connie

    I just saw the writer in a TV show at discovery home and health channel and I just loved it! I am having hard times in find who I am and what I really want. I just got graduated as an engineer and the twenties are time for big desitions.
    I’ll try to get the book. Thank you so much for everything you wrote, it ‘s just amazing.

    Connie from Argentina

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  • Dj

    OK.. I googled Intrusive and repetitive thoughts that torture me and came across this article. This sounds somewhat similar to what I’m going through but not exactly. All day long my brain is repeating the same thing over and Over and OVER again and what its repeating scares the hell out of me. My thoughts are things I would be terrified to say out loud but repeat over and over in my mind. My thoughts have to do with God. My thoughts are negative things against God that is totally oppositr of how I feel towards God. They are things I would NEVER say against God. The sentences repeat over and over in my brain giving me complete torture, anguish and anxiety. It haunts me day in and day out. Most people would never know something was wrong with me because I’ve become good at hiding the extreme mental anguish I’m in. You know that thought you might have that’ll cross your mind for a split second that is horrifying or disgusting but you are able to push right out of your mind. You say to yourself, Get out of there! And zappo you’re over it. Well I’m not able to do that. If a thought pops into my mind that horrifies me, disgusts me or makes me sick to even think about it.. my mind says, OK! This is what I will torture you with! This is what I will play over and over in your mind! I don’t know how much more of this I can take. Its been going on for years now. I, only 31 yes old. I can’t imagine living out the rest of my life in this complete torture. Somebody please help me :,-(

    • sylvi

      Hi DJ I’v just read your letter and I can relate to what you describe. there is a remedy you can win this battle you are in. please read to the end of this email. The physical reaction of the brain that is detailed above by Christine is only part of the problem or cure, the changes in the brain are of course caused by our thoughts. But what it is beneficial to know is where those thoughts are coming from in the first place. If you believe in God this will be easier to get. so we need to know there is a God and there is an enemy who attempts to mess with our minds. he is good at copying everything, for e.g. he can copy our individual styles of thinking. so when when a thought enters our head as it seems from nowhere, a thought that is destructive in some way we can be fooled into recognising (thinking) it is our own thought, when in fact it is the enemy trying to establish his thoughts in our minds. He copies our thoughts and puts them into our minds and it can become torturous. so what can we do? there are Christian retreats where you can go and receive some understanding and be delivered from this.You can be free from these thoughts completely but you will need to take this action. please do not go to any dodgy places for this. I can recommend a place called Ellel Grange in Lancaster England they have retreat centres in many parts of the world. They are caring, kind and want to help. I sincerely hope you read this and get in touch with them. Then you can put the two aspects of the remedy together i.e get healed delivered and change your thinking. When you get the thoughts, then keep speaking out loud, tell the enemy to go! Quote scriptures for eg ‘ no weapon formed against me shall prosper’ etc Also whatever the thought turn it round and speak out the opposite positive sentence. i wish you well please take this good tried and tested advice and you will overcome those thoughts. it’s a battle which can be won once you know how to fight it. read the bible daily put Gods word into your mind speak it out of your mouth and it will guard your mind. it may be hard at first and the enemy will try to make you want to give up. DON’T give up! Never Sylvi