Tomorrow is 11/11/11 and that means?

Tomorrow is 11/11/11, which sounds really cool but is there any special meaning to this date?  Yes! First, there are a lot of “1’s”!  One is a significant number because it symbolizes the beginning of things and all the ones coming together on this day add extra momentum to any new intentions, ideas, and projects.  It’s an extra juicy day for new beginnings.  The number 11 is thought of as a “master” number in numerology because it is a double digit of the same number. Meaning, the attributes of the number one are DOUBLED. So the attributes of new beginnings and wholeness double in strength. In numerology the number 11 represents higher ideals, invention, refinement, congruency, balance, fulfillment, and vision.

To take full advantage of tomorrow’s energy, I encourage you to engage in a ritual honoring the energetic of the day to seed your new beginnings and anchor your appreciation of what has already begun.  I designed the following special 11/11/11 ritual that I invite you to join me in.

Upon waking, begin with an 11-minute mediation (be sure to set a timer to be exact).  Light a candle and start by sitting in a comfortable upright position, closing your eyes and focusing your awareness on your breath.  Feel and hear each inhale and each exhale.  As your breathing starts to slow down, bring your awareness to your body.  Feel yourself sitting on the chair, floor or bed you are on.  Feel the bottoms of your feet grounding into the earth.  Take some time to simply observe the physical sensations in your body to support you in becoming fully present. If thoughts wander in, simply acknowledge the thought and then let it go, bring your attention back to your breath each time your mind wanders. Next, make the focus of your meditation “Oneness” so that you begin to experience yourself as part of a greater whole.  Begin to feel and sense how there is no separation between you, the Universe and all of creation. Sense, s ee in your mind’s eye and feel your connection.  Allow and trust your intuition to lead you through this process.

After you complete your mediation, grab your journal or a piece of paper and write the date on the top of the page along with “This or something better for the Highest Good of all concerned.”   Number the paper from 1-11 six times (because there are six 1’s in 11/11/11).  Without over thinking it, write:

  1. 11 new things you intend to begin this year (these do not have to be huge projects, sometimes the simpler the better)
  2. 11 new beliefs you would like to lean into and grow this year (such as “I am good enough, I am successful, I am abundant”)
  3. 11 prayers, requests, or intentions you’d like support around
  4. 11 things you are going to do TODAY that bring a smile to your face or someone else’s and more fully integrate the experience of oneness
  5. 11 people in your life to send a little extra love and light to
  6. 11 things you are grateful for (be sure to include a few that are about things you appreciate about yourself)

When your list is complete, say a prayer in your own way blessing this day and everything you wrote.  Put the list in a sacred place for the day or carry it with you.

At 11 pm at night, sit for another 11-minute mediation.  Again begin focusing on your breath and your body to fully arrive in the present moment.   Then allow your intuition to lead you on a visualization where you begin to see your new ideas, projects, beliefs and behaviors being born.   Really use your imagination here to begin the co-creative process of bringing your intentions to life. Then reread your 11/11/11 list and complete with a prayer of gratitude before you drift off to sleep.

I encourage you to harness the energy of such a powerful day tomorrow so if this process doesn’t resonate with you, create a ritual of your own!
Happy 11/11/11 and Light to your new beginnings.