The Flaw with the Law of Attraction

A basic principle of the Law of Attraction is that we will bring into our lives what we focus on, visualize, think about and affirm with our words. The Law of Attraction is both powerful and empowering because it helps us to remember we are co-creating our lives rather than just allowing life to happen to us. BUT, if you make vision boards, surround yourself with affirmation post-its, maintain a journal full of lists or ideal scenes of what you’d like and speak your desires and you STILL are not attracting what you want, there is a flaw with the Law of Attraction.

It’s actually our understanding of how the Law of Attraction works that is flawed, rather than the law itself.  It is true that we attract at the level of our own vibration and that are our thoughts and words are extremely magnetic.  But the most powerful “attractor” is our belief system. You can create beautiful vision boards and affirm every day that you are available for an incredibly successful, passionate career or a loving relationship. BUT if you don’t truly believe you are lovable, enough, worthy and deserving … well then attracting that into your life may be more challenging.

I say truly believe because only about 3-5% of our awareness is actually conscious.  So what’s the other 95-97%? Those are our subconscious belief systems that create patterns of thinking and behavior.  We establish those belief systems at a very young age based on events in our lives, which then get lodged into our subconscious mind and become our programming. It’s that programming that influences our attraction factor.

So here’s the dealio: On a conscious, logical level you may totally believe in all your dreams. However, you’ve gotta uncover and let go of some of those deep down subconscious beliefs that contradict what you want in life.  I have a 7 step process to support you in doing this. I share in much more detail in my vlog so be sure to watch the video!

Here are the 7 steps to unlocking and releasing a hidden limiting belief:

1.   Discover it. It is possible to bring those beliefs and feeling states that linger in the subconscious to the forefront of your awareness. Think about what you want, feel it, then take a journey into your mind with the intention of discovering beliefs that object what you truly desire.
2.   Acknowledge it.  Once you discover the limiting belief (or beliefs) simply acknowledge it and name it. Be honest and willing to admit the belief is there, regardless of any resistance or frustration that you’ve already “worked” on it. Judging or condemning only reinforces it.
3.    Ask it what its Highest purpose is. ALL limiting beliefs have a reason for being there that some part of us believes is helpful.  Spend some time reflecting on the belief and asking your Inner Wisdom what the belief’s Highest intention is (hint: it’s usually related to protecting us or keeping us safe in some way).
4.    Thank it. After you uncover the Highest purpose of the belief, make sure to thank it for doing its job so well and move into a willingness to let it go.
5.   Bust it. Take an inventory of your life and collect data that proves this belief has not always been true. Think about all the ways in which life has proven this belief wrong and use that as evidence to support you in releasing it.
6.    Upgrade it. Now that you see the belief isn’t true, it’s time to reframe it and upgrade it to a belief that is more in alignment with what you want to attract in your life.
7.   Set an intention and keep your word! In order to create new patterns in your subconscious, it is necessary to consciously reinforce your new beliefs. (learn more about how to rewire your brain here) So when you notice old patterns of thoughts and behaviors, gently bring your awareness to your upgraded belief.

These 7 steps will support you in being flawless in your understanding of the Law of Attraction. Again, I share more examples in the video above.

Remember, the Law of Attraction is not a formula or magic wand.  Divine timing and our unique life curriculum play critical roles in how our destiny unfolds. It’s not our job to co-create everything – that is part of the magical mystery of the human experience. But here is a guarantee you absolutely can buy into: as you let go of those heavy, untrue beliefs, your vibration will naturally lift and you will experience more love, joy, peace, acceptance and lots of other delicious feeling states.

Here’s to living flawlessly by recognizing that you are absolutely flawless!


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  • Kaneisha

    Yes!!! This video is spot on about why so many of us find that the LOA isn’t working for us. I write about this in my book in a section called No More Crying on the Inside. :) For many years, I was saying all the right words, but I didn’t believe them deep down. Great video!

  • Jackie

    Thank you so much…you are adorable! Many blessings back to you! : )

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  • Ruthie

    Limiting beliefs can really get the best of us! Awesome post!

  • Mary

    I’ve written all the lists, done all the vision boards, written and said affirmations, tapped AND taken inspired actions and it seems rather than attract what I want, I have scared it away

    • Robby Roy

      Hi Mary,
      If you believe the statement you have just written, therein lies the reason you have not manifested your intentions. The Law of Allowance (or of least resistance) is most likely in play here. Once you have set an intention for a desire and felt it in your heart, your next moments are to live in states of total faith and allowance to allow it to manifest. Every time you look at “what is” and do not see what you intended, that feeling of disappointment becomes your new point of attraction. This is why you hear that gratitude and appreciation for your every moment and experience is so powerful. The more you can love “what is”, the more you will attract what it is that you love, appreciate and desire.

  • Julian Pereira