Get Unstuck: How To Have More Flow In Your Life!

A common intention I hear from clients and readers is, “I want to have more flow in my life, stop controlling and be open to where the Uni-verse leads me.” And that’s a beautiful intention but if you actually want it to become reality and not just a bunch of words, some radical shifts are required.

It takes courage to be open and truly led by the Uni-verse so even though we say we want to “go with the flow” we continue to fill our lives up with the same old stuff. Or we do not invest in clearing out the cobwebs in our physical, relational and emotional space. So if you truly want momentum in your life, it’s essential to do some clearing and completion work first.

Just as a river won’t flow if it is blocked, your life won’t flow if areas are blocked. EVERYTHING in your life takes up space. Your belongings, your emotions, your relationships, your thoughts. Look around you and inside of you. What is the energetic message you are broadcasting? Is there really room for the new to flow in? If you want a new job, be willing to quit the old one. If you want a new relationship, break free from the one that is not fulfilling. If you want a more robust bank account, let go of beliefs of unworthiness. If you want a positive attitude, clear out the habitual fear-based thoughts. If you want more confidence, let go of false beliefs about yourself and others.

We cannot have a new beginning without actually changing things. So here are some changes I suggest making to support you in not only being open to the flow, but making flow actually possible:
1. Clear the clutter. Look around your physical space right now. Are there unpaid bills and unopened mail? Things you need to return? Clothes you don’t wear? My friend Ariel Joseph, also known as “The Feng Shui Guy”, shares some brilliant advice about this: “You cannot pick up something new in your life unless you put down what you are holding onto. If you look around your space through the lens of feng shui, you may begin to notice that your home is literally a reflection of your inner environment. So it stands to reason that whether you work outside in (letting go of your stuff) or inside out (making space inside your mind and heart) making space is the first step in preparing yourself to receive.”
2.Complete incomplete cycles of action. After you’ve made some space in your physical environment, clear some mental real estate by finishing things that have been floating around in your mind. Check off what’s been on your to-do list forever. Have conversations you have been avoiding. Stop procrastinating because that keeps you in a stalling pattern (which of course isn’t good for flow).
3. Survey your relationships. Are there people in your life who you are allowing to weigh you down? It’s time to cut ties with exes, phase out of friendships that are based on where you’ve been rather than where you are going, get away from a toxic boss, and put boundaries in place with people that have been crossing yours.
4. Forgive. Perhaps the most important element of creating flow is forgiveness. Let go of any resentment, grudges or judgments against yourself or others. And don’t forget to forgive the Uni-verse too if you think Its not giving you what you want. Faith is not possible without forgiveness because anytime we are holding on to a negative judgment about anything in our life means we do not trust the Divine Order of the Uni-verse.
5. Stop lying to yourself. The biggest block you may be facing is the limiting beliefs you are buying into. The most popular are, “I’m not good enough,” “There’s something wrong with me,” and “I’m not deserving.” We all carry around some story about ourselves that IS NOT TRUE. The moment you open to the truth of who you are, which is whole, complete, perfect just the way you are, a unique expression of the Uni-verse, and love…the floodgates open and life truly does begin to flow.

Vision boards, lists, and visualizations alone won’t draw in the more of what you want until you make less of what you don’t want. Step into the role you play as a co-creator of flow by clearing up where you’ve been so that you can create space for where you are going.


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