How to Stop Obsessing

Obsessing over something is the worst. When someone or something has pitched a tent and set up camp in your mind, it can be your own personal version of torture.

What can we do to stop the seemingly endless cycle of obsessive thinking?

What does NOT work is continuing to talk about whatever you are obsessing about. You probably know insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. You are making yourself insane by continuing to give valuable airtime to the subject of your obsession (and possibly driving the people you keep talking to about it crazy too!)

In today’s vlog I share with you two out-of-the-box strategies that will help eliminate obsessive thinking so you can start talking about the things that light you up rather than bring you down!

I go into greater detail in the video but here is a snapshot:

Strategy one: Grab a few sheets of blank paper and set the intention to do what I like to call release writing.  Bring whatever you are obsessing about to mind and just keep writing about it until you feel empty. This is not about writing legibly or reflecting, think of it like mind dumping. You know you’re done because your hand will hurt and you will be so sick of the story that there is nothing left to write. When you are done, rip it up or burn it as a symbol of letting it go.

Strategy two: Wear a rubber band around your wrist and whenever your mind goes to the subject of your obsessive thinking, give it a little snap.  We do not like pain and when our unconscious mind starts to associate a certain thought with a little snap, it will be more likely to avoid it. Note: this is not about hurting yourself because truly a rubber band is not that painful. It is about getting your attention and supporting you in redirecting your thoughts.  And often obsessive thinking gets so consuming that unconventional measures are required!

Just so you know, whoever or whatever it is you are obsessing about is not deserving of your precious mental energy. 

Use these techniques and redirect your mind to what you can create, how you can serve and the things that inspire gratitude. You can overcome obsessive thinking!!

I am here to support you so head on over to my blog and claim what you are no longer obsessing about in the comments section. Share what you are going to STOP thinking about so you can start thinking about something better!



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  • Launna

    I started a second private blog and I am dumping there for hours.. it does feel good… it’s just about getting all the emotions out. I am trying to focus more on myself and getting healthy in all ways… then I won’t be obsessing … I won’t have time…

    • Christine Hassler

      That’s a great way to mind dump!

  • Britt

    These are both great strategies! Will definitely take these on board! Thanks Christine!

  • Christopher Jay Adams

    christine i saw your video on how to quit obsessing and i am excited to try it out! my obsession is mainly conversations. since i have many thoughts that run through me head? do i write down all my thoughts or just foocuss one thought at aa time? thanks christoper

  • lady_mahogany

    Thanks for that very helpful video I will put these tips to use asap!

  • Molly

    I love this bc you can do the first option at home or if you have time, but there’s no excuse of time for option two. Thank you!!

    • Christine Hassler

      Exactly! Love that you get it:)

  • Eugene Sanford

    Hello Christine, how are you. I’m sort of cursed with the word “Inappropriate”. A few nights ago, this person I had not seen in five years, appeared at a local library, and long story short, I asked her out for coffee, and she said it was inappropriate. The first thing I wonder is what exactly did I say that was Inappropriate. I seemed to be obsessing about that myself, because I feel like I have scared her off a little bit, but unintentionally.