Don’t fall for your own BS

I recently learned a life-changing lesson about myself from a horse. Yes, a horse. His name is Rooster and he is one of the best teachers I have ever had.

Here’s what happened. I was blessed to spend a weekend at Miraval resort in Arizona and registered for an “Equine therapy” class. I was looking forward to the class given that I have always loved horses but did not expect anything hugely transformational. After all, I grew up in Texas and was around horses a lot so how surprising could this be?

I share the story about Rooster in great detail in my vlog – I encourage you to watch and learn through my experience as you just might see yourself in my story.

Do you buy into a misunderstanding that it is more “spiritual” not to care about outcomes?

Do you pretend not to care about things that you really do care about?

Do you show up in certain areas of your life and give off a vibe of being indifferent or apathetic?

Do you fake “being cool” with something when you are absolutely not?

Are there areas in your life that are “falling asleep” because you are scared to be really honest about how bad you want something?

My encouragement to you is to allow yourself to care. Play full out. Show up in all aspects of your life fully invested. Stop pretending that you are all evolved and not invested in physical world reality things. You are still in a human body, aren’t you?

Once I got this “aha,” I owned my truth, committed to my desire, and walked up to Rooster with determination and a very clear intention. Before I even had a chance to get the grip on his leg, he woke up, stood up straight and lifted his hoof right into my hand.

Things happen when we are invested in the outcome. But here is the caveat: do NOT allow the outcome to determine your worth or value. Go for what you want but if you do not get it or it does not turn out the way you desired, do not make it mean anything about you.

Do your best and then allow the Uni-verse to do the rest. You may not always get what you want but at least you know that you showed up 100%.

With love,


  • Grateful M

    Christine – this is a truly wonderful message; thank you for sharing it.
    it is just what I needed to hear for the end of 2013.
    Blessings for 2014

    • Christine Hassler

      It was just what i needed too :)

  • Naomi Goodlet

    Loved this story Christine!

    • Christine Hassler

      Thanks Naomi!

  • Anna Regina

    WOW! Christine, thank you for baring your soul and sharing this story. I get caught up at time worrying that something I’m doing isn’t “spiritual” or that I should be reacting differently to something. You’ve shown me that it’s OK to be a human being, but to learn from it. Sending love and joy for Christmas and 2014!!

    • Christine Hassler

      Yes – we are HUMAN beings :) Happy holidays to you too

  • Heartbroken

    I just showed up with intention to a 4 month long distance relationship that he ended because he said he could not get enough access to get to know me. My heart is breaking…. Now, I feel shame and embarrassment that I put my cards on the table at the end instead of just agreeing with him.

  • Geraldine

    I really agree with what you said about caring but not making the outcome be about your own self worth. I recently was doing an exam (for the 5th time), and was working on my feelings about failing (using EFT) and self worth. I finally decided that I would really try, and if I didn’t get it, it would still be “a hell of a ride” (Thank you Sandra in Gravity). And I passed the exam!

    • Christine Hassler

      Woo hoo!! Congratulations, that is awesome!

  • Kelsey

    Yay! I love it. Just what I needed to hear. Merry Christmas :)