Are you using your gifts?

Today’s message is about identifying and expressing your unique gifts – and yes, you have them. EVERYONE does.

I am inspired to connect with you about this topic after returning from a trip called Summit at Sea where I spent three days on a boat surrounded by the most extraordinary people. Artists, musicians, healers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, authors, disruptors, and major Lightworkers!!! It was truly one of the most epic experiences of my life.

There was one moment on the last day where I was moved to tears because something touched me so deeply; which I share about in today’s video.

In the closing ceremony of the event, there was a showcase of different performers. As I watched them and looked around the room at all the different people of various ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, interests, and gender, I saw how each one of is so unique in our own very special way. What brought tears to my eyes was how beautifully unique every single person truly is and how much we shine when we honor and express our gifts.

But often we don’t see our gifts or express them. Why is this? What blocks us from shining the way all of us are meant to shine?

The first block is minimizing what makes you unique. We often do not realize that the things that come so naturally to us are gifts! God puts our gifts so close to us so they are easy to find, but it is often the last place we look. We think because something comes so easily to us, it is not a gift. Or we think something we are good at is not extraordinary or unique enough to call a gift. Yes some people are gifted with things like an incredible voice or an ability to create a beautiful painting from a blank canvas. But a logical mind that can solve problems is a gift. An eye for design that can decorate a beautiful table is a gift.

How do you identify your gifts? Well . . . think of the things that come naturally to you. Think of things that you really loved to do when you were little. Or the subjects you excelled in during school. Or what people come to you for help with. Or what types of things you are doing when time flies. All those things are clues to your unique gifts!

The second block is thinking a gift has to be expressed in a career to “matter.” Please don’t make the enjoyment or expression of your gifts outcome driven. Give yourself permission to cultivate your gifts. For example, teaching is a gift that comes naturally to me in its essence but I have had to fine tune the forms I express it in. Your gifts are seeds. Take time to nurture them so they can develop. Along the way, let yourself experiment with various forms of expression, don’t expect perfection.

Another big block is comparison. Measuring ourselves up against others is one of the most painful things we do to ourselves. It blinds us to our own gifts. Not everyone’s gifts are the same. I can appreciate an amazing singer and recognize with no judgment that music is not my gift (trust me when I say you don’t want to hear me sing!)

When you STOP comparing yourself to others, your own gifts become more obvious. You can celebrate and express them while at the same time celebrating the gifts you see in others.

When you attempt to be like anyone else other than yourself it’s like saying to God, “I really don’t like the gifts you gave me, I want his or hers instead.” When you are in that type of envy energy, it makes it much harder for the Universe to support you in the expansion of your own gifts.

Celebrate what you see in others!! Talent, creativity, & intellect are not limited resources, they are infinite! @christinhassler (tweet this!)

Give yourself permission to be YOU by recognizing and cultivating your unique gifts. Unleash the fullest expression of you by FULLY being who you are.

So how will you shine? What are your gifts? Please leave a comment and share your gifts with me so I can celebrate you!!



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  • Christine

    Wonderful message! I think your point about how our gifts don’t necessarily have to equate with career is refreshing – a reminder that we can have many gifts that manifest in different areas of our lives.

    • Christine Hassler

      Yes, they show up in lots of different ways :)