A Holiday gift from me!

Hello and happy holidays!!

As a holiday gift to you, I recorded a free guided Holiday meditation on my podcast this week you can download here. Use this meditation to access all the love around you.

This time of year is different for everyone. Some of you may be absolutely blissful – you love this season and are in a place of peace. Others of you may be struggling. Perhaps you feel alone. Or family dynamics are challenging. And some of you may be feeling a mix of both. You have moments of peace and joy; and other moments of loneliness, anxiety or even sadness.

Wherever you are is okay. Please remove the expectation that your holidays are supposed to be any certain way – otherwise you will just keep waking up with an expectation hangover!

My intention in sharing this meditation with you today is to remind you about what is most important not only this time of year but in every moment of every day, which is LOVE.

Go here to download this mediation.

I am so grateful to be connected to you and pray wherever you are, you know that you are loved.

With love and blessings to you,

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