Give this gift to yourself

On Thursday I am opening the doors to my Inner Circle! This exclusive community is a way for you to receive consistent coaching, guidance and life tips from me. The number one reason I feel called to offer this program is because I see so many people take ten steps forward and then five steps back when it comes to personal growth.

I was the same way. I would do an awesome workshop or have an incredible session with my coach and feel AMAZING. And the epiphanies and changes I made would last for a while…sometimes even months.

But eventually I’d find myself backtracking, which was incredibly frustrating.

I finally stopped feeling like I was backtracking when I realized that change requires two main things: momentum and consistency.

Once I made a 100% commitment to always, yes ALWAYS, be working with a coach in some capacity AND be part of a community of like-minded people where I am held accountable…I stopped feeling like I was backtracking.

And I see the same progress with my clients. Those who stay connected to some kind of consistent teaching and support continue moving forward and feel confident about their progress.

The Inner Circle is a way for you to keep your momentum going (or get your mojo back!) and keep a consistent commitment to your growth.

And the super fun thing about the Inner Circle is that it’s all about moving TOWARD more of what you want. It’s not about focusing on your past or “fixing” anything. There is not a lot “hard work.” It’s not a course. It is not super time consuming.

Here’s how you’ll know if joining my Inner Circle is right for you:

  • You love personal growth and continuing to learn
  • You are craving a community of like-minded people where you can be vulnerable and celebrate with each other
  • You want to get coached by me but are not ready to make the investment in private sessions or a retreat
  • You are serious about your continued development and are committed to doing your part to raise the consciousness of the planet.
  • You know that when you invest in yourself, you get the highest return on that investment
  • You would love to deepen (or develop) your mediation practice
  • You are craving connection to like-minded people. Perhaps you even feel alone or different from your current family and friends

If any of the above sounds like you, then I encourage you to join us! So many AMAZING people from all around the world have already joined.

** Check out this video for more details.

These days a LOT can throw us off our center—everything from the daily stress of your commute to the more severe Expectation Hangovers like a breakup.

The Inner Circle is a place for you to feel supported and get grounded. To learn and implement daily practices that will keep you moving forward. To be in a community with other people that are also on the growth path. And to receive a lot of personal support from me.

The Inner Circle includes:

  • A monthly live group coaching call with me where you can get one-on-one advice
  • A monthly focus where I will be teaching you to embody a certain quality so you can attract more of what you want in life
  • A private community to connect with like-minded people
  • A monthly guided meditation / visualization
  • Behind the scenes access to all my lifestyle tips and hacks

Grab your spot here!

There is a massive awakening happening and you are part of it. It is crucial to also be part of a tribe and held in a container where truth and love are the number one values.

That is my intention with the Inner Circle. To provide a safe space for you to step into your fullest potential, feel connected and bring more JOY to your life and to the world.

I look forward to stepping into this incredible community with you! Join us!

Much love,