EP 74: How to Take Off “Golden Handcuffs” and Go After Your Dreams With Mel

EP74v4Today’s episode is about stepping out of your comfort zone, and following your dreams. Mel has financial security in her current position, but feels called to do something more impactful. She would like guidance on how to get to where she wants to be.

Mel was experiencing two major blocks: fear, and her own limiting beliefs about not being good enough.

When we don’t know what is ahead of us, we are faced with uncertainty, and with uncertainty comes fear. Our security doesn’t come from an external source. The person who makes you safe is you and your connection to source. I encouraged Mel to take off the golden handcuffs. It may feel like safety and security to her, but it is not freedom if she is not happy, and she feels called to do something more. Financial security and wealth are available through various forms. There is a fine line between fear and excitement. If you are at the tipping point between excitement and fear, I encourage you to lean into the excitement, and stop fighting with fear.

Mel’s belief of not being good enough was something we all experience at one time or another. I reminded her that we all have an infinite amount of potential.

During the call, the use of numbing agents came up. The use of pot, alcohol,  shopping, etc., are common when we suppress both emotion and desire.  Mel had some unprocessed emotion from her childhood, and she felt suppressed by her parents. But, as an adult, she was doing to herself what they did to her. If you use numbing agents to suppress your emotions and desires, listen to my Coaches Corner episode How to Stop Numbing with Pot.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Do you feel imprisoned by golden handcuffs? Do you struggle with the limiting belief of never being enough?
  • Do you think following your dreams is careless or risky?
  • Do you believe you deserve happiness, and are capable of creating it?

Mel’s Question:

Mel would like to know how to lessen her attachment to her income and transition out of her current position to follow her passion.

Mel’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She allows fear to make her feel not good enough.
  • She doesn’t completely believe she can feel happy and fulfilled.
  • She believes being happy is being careless, irresponsible and selfish.
  • She would like a closer relationship with her parents.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • She should get clear on what will make her feel prepared to make a change.
  • She needs to stop using numbing devices and work through her sadness and anger directed at her mother and father.
  • She needs to write or record her vision to reprogram herself.


  • Prepare yourself to make a change by getting clear about what you want.
  • Stop using numbing devices to suppress your emotions and desires.
  • Write down or record your vision.


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  • jojo80

    This has been another great podcast and there were several mind opening moments for me. I have done several things from your book and have written letters but I have more work to do but the comment about the stop and go due to not handling the emotions first. However it is hard for me at times to bo ok with saying our parents did the best they could. I have written letters and felt improvement but the hurt comes back. I was molested by my farther and saying he did the best he could is not ok. I know I need to let this pain go but I don’t know what to say or think to move forward