My best tips to stay motivated

Getting motivated is often easy.  We have an initial burst of inspiration toward a goal or get super excited about an idea.  But staying motivated is not always as easy.

As a coach, I am committed to exploring what keeps people motivated to keep progressing toward their goals until they actually reach them. Over the years I have found there is one magical ingredient to consistent motivation and subsequent success: momentum.

I share about how to maintain momentum as well as tell you a story about my recent rock climbing experience in today’s vlog.

After not doing any climbing for at least a decade, I reached the top of a 55-foot wall, which I totally did not think I could do!! I made it all the way without slipping once. The only way I was able to do it was to keep putting one foot in front of the other determined to reach my goal. I never paused and I only looked at where I was on the wall. I never looked down and I never looked up. I kept the momentum going.

This is such a great metaphor for keeping momentum in life. We get bogged down if we look behind us and overwhelmed if we look too far ahead of us. One step at a time with focus, momentum and determination is what helps us reach our goals!

When you loose momentum, you experience a feeling of backtracking, which makes it even harder to get going again. So keep the momentum going by taking at least one step (even if it’s a teeny tiny little baby step) every day toward your goal.

An object in motion stays in motion.  Keep moving toward your goals one step at a time and trust you WILL reach them!! (Tweet this!)

Make sure to watch the video for my three big tips for how to have focus, momentum and determination.

And share with me . . .

What goals are you working toward? What area of your life needs some momentum? Head on over to the comments so I can cheer you on!

With love,

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  • Colleen Baxter

    I love this Christine, thankyou! I rockclimb and I’ve used this as a similar insight/tool with my health coaching clients <3

    • Christine Hassler

      Colleen, it is so fun, right?! And too good of a tool/metaphor not to use:)

  • Bronwyn Lane

    Hi Christine, thanks for the tips! I’m working my way through your book, Expectation Hangover. I’ve had some very productive days and some not so productive days, like it’s feast or famine! Thanks for reminding me that smaller steps are okay too :)

    • Christine Hassler

      Brownyn, my pleasure and glad you found them helpful. Small, daily, consistent action is key:)

  • Amy Colgan-Niemeyer

    This is awesome! Thank you for this. I love your videos.

    • Christine Hassler

      Amy thank you for sharing your gratitude with me.

  • Patricia

    You’re so inspiring person! I’m waiting for your videos every week. I also run a video blog . It’s about fashion and make up. When I don’t want to do new videos I think of you and my mind bursts with new ideas!

    • Christine Hassler

      Patricia, I love what you are doing and how creative! I release a video every other week- stay tuned! I am happy to hear they inspire new ideas for you.