Learn how you can truly “help” others

Do you enjoy helping people? So much so that you often get a little over invested in making sure they change or heal and perhaps take on their pain?

Does your sense of worthiness or value come from being needed by others or helping others?

If you are in a healing or helping profession, do you ever feel like a fraud? Like you don’t have what it takes to truly help?

Or do you ever feel depleted or drained after being around someone who is struggling or suffering?

If you answered yes to any of the above, please do not miss my last coaching session with Candace on my Over It and On With It podcast. Candace is a health practitioner suffering from a lot of work related anxiety.   She is wondering how she can decrease the amount of anxiety she feels at work that comes from feeling responsible for helping people and questioning whether she is good enough to truly help them.

All you helpers and caretakers and sensitive peeps, this is a reminder!!  It’s not our responsibility to make sure people change, and it is not our responsibility to make sure they don’t suffer. I know it hurts to watch other people suffering, but we cannot take away other people’s pain.

Instead, hold a space for suffering and truly help by way of compassion. If we take on the belief that it is our responsibility to fix someone, then we assume they are broken, and not equipped to heal themselves. One of the biggest gifts we can give to others is to see them as whole, and having all the inner resources they need. People save themselves.

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