Stop yo-yo dieting, body shaming and binge eating

I know many of you out there struggle with feeling like you are often on a roller coaster when it comes to your own growth and healing.  You feel like you are making progress but then old patterns come back. I understand how discouraging and frustrating it can be to feel like you are back-tracking, but I want to assure you that you CAN get off the roller coaster and experience growth without major set-backs.

A big area where I see so many people struggle with setbacks is with their body – specifically eating disorders, yo-yo dieting and body hating.

If you can relate to any of that, then episode 93 of Over It and On With It is a must listen.

You’ll hear me coach Alyssa through a very holistic approach to her struggle with binge eating.  Even if an eating disorder or weight is not something you struggle with, I assure you that you will receive value and perhaps healing from listening.  Attune carefully to how I coach her step-by-step through how to approach her struggle on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual episode.

This is a very important episode. Please listen and share it with your friends and social media tribe.

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>> Go here to listen to Episode 93 with Alyssa <<

You can break free of patterns that you feel imprisoned by but you must take action. I know many of you have experienced some intense suffering.  But suffering is not a life sentence. You can free yourself…I promise.


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  • Kitty

    Great episode really enjoyed it

  • Christine Hassler

    Kitty, so glad you enjoyed it. I always enjoy creating each episode.

  • Sanford

    Dear Christine,
    This is a Master Class in counseling!

    Your compassion and kindness toward and rapport with and multifaceted strategic plan for Alyssa in this session is heart rendering, soulful, comforting, healing and brilliant! Bravo!!!!!!

    With Best Wishes and Kindest Thoughts for Alyssa
    and Highest Kudos to You, Christine!


    • Christine Hassler

      Thank you so much Sanford for YOUR kindness and compassion.

      • Sanford

        You are so Blessed!!!
        The Work You do (with the “Gifts” You have been given) to help others find themselves, happiness and peace of mind and to actualize their life’s potentials is – as Johann Sebastian Bach would often say, truly “for the honor and greater glory of G-d!”
        W M Love & M B !
        Most Sincerely Yours,