Coaches Corner: The difference between triggers and preferences and it’s 11/11

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It’s 11/11 – do you know the significance of that number? Listen to find out!

In this Coaches Corner Christine also teaches the difference between a trigger or issue based choice and a preference.  She empowers you to honor who you are and what you like and let go of FOMO.

She then shares some great take-away’s from top speakers like Brene Brown, Jane Fonda, Shonda Rhimes and Marianne Williamson that she just heard speak at a big event.

Christine reveals one of her preferences when it comes to massive crowds and events that may help you feel more like yourself the next time you are in a social situation.

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  • Jim Brault

    Hi Christine. I heard you on Mark Divine’s Unbeatable Mind podcast a couple of weeks ago. As a member of the inaugural Unbeatable Mind Coaching Certification Training program, I thought I might learn something from listening to your work. I think I’m through more than 30 episodes already. AMAZING!!! I love how you ask questions and get to the heart of your listener’s issues so quickly, and how you balance being caring and supportive with directness and challenge. After the call you revisiting the session and why you went in a certain direction or asked a particular question is so enlightening. I’ve recommended your podcast to the rest of the team and they love it! Thank you for what you do and who you are. Hooyah!

    • Christine Hassler

      Hi Jim, thank you for sharing your positive feedback with me, I greatly appreciate it. AND thank you for sharing my podcast with others.