Coaches Corner: Tips to build your business & get over your fear of sales with Jill Esplin (my head of enrollment)

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If you have a service based business OR are considering hiring a coach do not miss this episode. Listen in as I sit with Jill, who has worked with me for over eight years, and talk about the following:

1. Why sales and enrollment is not icky and really is a service to people.

2. How to overcome objections and turn them into coachable moments.

3. The most important things you need to do to build your service based biz and become successful and comfortable with enrollment.

4. What to watch out for when hiring a coach.

We also do a role-playing session where I play the client full of objections about money and Jill coaches me through it. To contact Jill about coaching email

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  • Marlisa

    I loved this podcast show! I don’t have my own business but hearing how I can generate more revenue and just the way you turned an objection into a coachable moment gave me some ideas of how I can use that in my every day life!

    • Christine Hassler

      Awesome! So glad you found value in the message and can apply it to your every day life.

  • Kate Waterhouse

    Hey ladies, FANTASTIC podcast! I took Jill on as my business coach late last year (I’m a Primal Health Coach and really want to take my business to the next level) and Jill’s knowledge and experience in enrolment are freaky! I learn so much from our role playing and am so much more confident with my discovery calls. Jill has also given me so many awesome tools to generate leads, manage my time, create partnerships and get clear on my social media schedule – and loads more.
    I just want to really encourage anyone who’s thinking about getting a business coach to have a discovery call with Jill – it’s the best thing I’ve done for my coaching business – it’s a serious fast track to where you want to be xxx

    • Christine Hassler

      Kate, I am soooo glad to hear you are having an incredible experience coaching with Jill. I know she loves all things enrollment and business development and she has shared how much she loves coaching with you:)