I didn’t see that coming!! How to deal with curveballs
If you have or want your own business, read this
A confession about my business
A technique I use with my clients
Are you a Mission Driven Leader or Entrepreneur?
Are you giving up . . . but calling it surrender?
Are you relaxing in a way that actually recharges you?
Bali Bound! Hear from a woman whose YES changed her life
Coaches Corner: Are you too nice?
Coaches Corner: Charlie Hoehn
Coaches Corner: Do You TRULY Value Yourself?
Coaches Corner: Dream: Clarify and Create What You Want with Marcia Wieder
Coaches Corner: How to be Emotionally Healthy with Terri Cole
Coaches Corner: How to be stop being a People Pleaser
Coaches Corner: How to call in what you want!
Coaches Corner: How to Drop your Story
Coaches Corner: How to Get Over a Break-Up
Coaches Corner: How to get over feeling lonely
Coaches Corner: How To Get Over The One You Thought Was ‘The One’
Coaches Corner: How to manifest and co-create your year
Coaches Corner: Is being happy all the time possible?
Coaches Corner: Is it better to use your head or your heart when faced with a decision?
Coaches Corner: Jill
Coaches Corner: John O’Leary – The Three Questions to ask (and not to ask) to live an inspired life
Coaches Corner: Kute Blackson
Coaches Corner: NYE Meditation
Coaches Corner: What’s Wrong With You?
Coaches Corner: Where is the line between healthy preparation and perfectionism/obsessing?
Do you believe in second chances?
Ever feel anxious?
Get Over Your Breakup and On with Your Life!
Getting Motivated and Making Things Happen in Your Life
Getting Over Moodiness
Getting Over Self-Consciousness
How to accept where you are and move to the next level
How to DO less and BE more – A Busy Life is NOT a Full Life
How to do things alone without feeling self-conscious
How to Feel Happy No Matter What
How to Have a Healthy Body Image
How to have a healthy body image
How to Know If Someone Is the “Right One”
How to Let Go of the Past
How to Make a Decision and Get Out of Limbo!
How to party and save money
How to Stop Feeling Anxiety
How Your Self Worth Impacts Your Net Worth
Is Enough Never Enough For You?
Is it better to take action or surrender?
My heart is bursting open and I want to tell you why
Out again…but this time a little softer
Second Chances – What to Do When Something Comes Around Again
Stop Attracting and Dating Unavailable People
The Fear of Being Alone: How to Get Over It!
The HUGE Mistake We Make When It Comes To LOVE!
The Pitfalls of People Pleasing
The Pitfalls of People Pleasing
Tips to make Valentines Day amazing…no matter what your relationship status is
What makes learning something new either easy or frustrating
What to do when someone pushes your buttons
Why Break-Ups Are So Hard
Why Going for Your Dreams Matters Most…No Matter What
Why You Are Not Doing the Things That Are Good For You
Why you are not meditating
Why You Feed Anxiety and How to Stop It
Why you’re not doing the things that are good for you


A MAJOR announcement – I’m so excited!
What I learned from my concussion
A confession about my business
A gratitude ritual and an affirmation
A Holiday gift from me!
Ambition vs. Inspiration: Which will you choose?
Are you a lightworker?
Are you fighting for your limitations?
Are you hard on yourself? (take this quiz and see why)
Are you stuck in a routine?
Are you too nice?
Are you truly free?
Are you using your gifts?
Be the Change and Feed Your Creative Spark in Your Career – Without Having to Change Jobs
Being single is not a disorder!
Coaches Corner: Are you trying to change someone else?
Coaches Corner: Celebrating Gratitude!
Coaches Corner: Developing Courage
Coaches Corner: Holiday Meditation
Coaches Corner: How to get over betrayal
Coaches Corner: How to Get Over Regret
Coaches Corner: How to STOP Worrying
Coaches Corner: Say what you need to say! How to have the guts to speak your truth
Ever struggle with making decisions?
Get my last book for only .99 cents!!
Getting Over Loss
Getting Unstuck After a Break-up
How are your new year intentions going?
How breakups and endings lead to breakthroughs
How I ended up in a wheelchair last week
How to achieve dreams some may call “unrealistic”
How to avoid getting disappointed by other people
How to call in what you want
How to Cure an Expectation Hangover
How to Deal With Rejection
How to feel safe even when you are scared
How to get over a Break-up
How to Get Over a Choice You Regret
How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself
I am a late bloomer & it’s okay if you are too
I can’t believe this was a year ago!
I feel stuck and fear I will not accomplish my goals
I felt guilty about this . . .
Is it better to use your head or heart when faced with a decision?
Is there a cure for fear?
Is there someone you’re trying to change or save?
Issue Based Relationships with Eileen
Just Ask
Keeping Commitments to Yourself
Let’s spend a weekend together!
Manifesting tips to get what you want…that really work!
My Annual New Year’s Ritual for 2016 and live/online workshop
My Body Love and Weight Loss Tips
My divine appointment with the guy who rear-ended me
No more somedays
One of my most important dates
Overcoming self doubt and fear with Anneke
Please, please, PLEASE don’t . . .
Ready to make your dreams a reality?
Stepping into your purpose
The Why Behind This Podcast
There’s something special about you…
This is no bueno!
Three tips for making it stick
Tips when faced with an either/or choice
Watch your language!
What does it take to be great?
What to do when others don’t approve of your choices
What’s is your purpose?
Where’s the line between preparation and obsession
Why Our Parents Trigger Us (no matter what our age)
Why patience is more than a virtue, it’s a strategy
Why some friendships end and how to make new ones
Why you fear success
Wisdom from a 93 and 88 year old
You Have an Expectation Hangover, Now What?
Your secrets aren’t safe


Got a Holiday Expectation Hangover?
A 5 minute daily practice that’s a game changer!
A personal update
A technique I use with my clients
Are you addicted to thinking?
Are you promoting or demoting yourself?
Are you settling or being too picky?
Are you working on yourself to get something?
Do you doubt the difference you’re making?
Do you have spiritual running buddies?
Feel stuck in a job you hate?
Getting it done and unleashing your creative genius!
Gorge on Gratitude
Got someone under your skin?
He told me I could either sleep my way to the top or be a b*tch!
How I fought my enemies
How to ask for help
How to be happy
How to be yourself
How to find balance
How to love your life even if it’s not turning out like you planned
How to make a Valentine’s day fun!
How to pursue goals without setting yourself up for disappointment
How to STOP worrying!
I finally did it but I’m keeping my boom box!
I left the party
I was not myself for two weeks
I was totally over it!!
I’m headed Down Under right now!
Is being happy all the time possible?
It’s my birthday and I have something for you!
I’m finally answering the question I’ve been asked for years
Meditation 101
My Annual New Year’s Ritual and live/online workshop
My happy place
My high school reunion and a speeding ticket
Only Two spots left for my Summer Retreat!
Story time!
Tall poppy syndrome anyone?
The fastest way to get better results
The first step to getting over ANYTHING
The Keys to your Freedom
The Secret Service, Stephen Covey and Me
This is as damaging as smoking 15 cigarettes a day!
This is no bueno!
This sucked and it was perfect
Time for a breakup
Today is a special day
Today is the day! Expectation Hangover is out!
We are all mamas – even men!
What I do when I feel self-conscious
What I learned from a spiritual teacher
What’s wrong with you?
You are not alone


Are You Too Nice?
My interview with friend and miracle worker Gabby Bernstein
What To Do With Emotions – They Are Very Important!
A Prayer Of Gratitude
An Amazing Love Story!!!
Are You Chasing Something And Falling Into This Trap?
Are you creatively constipated?
Are you making creativity a priority?
Are You WAY Too Serious?
Be published in my next book!
Come to Costa Rica with me
Do you have the guts to say what you need to say?
Do You TRULY Value Yourself? Then Stop Discounting Yourself!
Don’t fall for your own BS
Don’t make resolutions, do this instead!
Feeling off? This breathing technique will help!
Get Unstuck: How To Have More Flow In Your Life!
Having confidence is not as hard as you think
How to deal with betrayal?
How to get over any kind of heartbreak
How To Handle ‘Triggered’ People
How to listen to your own advice
How to Stop Obsessing
How to Stop Procrastinating
How You Say It Is More Important Than What You Say!
I am excited!
I’m going to teach in Australia!!
It’s time to get over it!
Just call me Minister
Look, listen or feel – what’s your style?
Money: A Love Story
My tips to stay healthy during cold season
Not getting what you want?
Playing with tigers, drunken noodles and bareback on an elephant!
Stop Torturing Yourself With Your Thoughts!
The HUGE Mistake We Make When It Comes To LOVE!
The Keys to your Freedom
The Power of Vulnerability
This Should Come As A Relief
To clap or not to clap?
Triggered by Justin Timberlake
Twenty – Something Does Not Have To Be Twenty – Everything!
Want to join me in the Mexican Riveria?
We all can overcome this…
What I Would Tell My 20-Something Self
What if it was all made up?
What to do when someone pushes your buttons
What’s a good choice?
When things get crazy, do this!
Why Frustration Is GOOD For You!
Why I Like To Look Stupid…!
Why we don’t always get what we want


A FREE guided meditation from me
I felt like sending you some Sunday love…
The Secret To Getting Over Anything!
Whose baggage are you carrying?
“Are You Overdosing On Self-Help?”
A gratitude ritual and an affirmation
A New Year’s Ritual for you
Are you addicted to results?
Are you focused on your capabilities or your possibilities?
Are you free?
Are You Hypnotized By Your Story?
Are you milking this year for all it’s worth?
Are you obsessed with the package?
Come meet me in Los Angeles
Did you get a Do-Over?
Do you know what courage really is?
Do you know what happened this week?
Do you like to be right?
Do You Want a Miracle?
Don’t Delay Your Gratification
Ever feel like you are backtracking?
Expectation Hangovers & How To Leverage Disappointment!
Have you ever been high?
How do you want to be seen?
How to blame effectively
How to Find your Passion – It’s Not Where You Think!
How To Get Over A Break-Up!
How to get over regret
How To Maintain Internal Peace!
I have lots to share with you!
I want to talk to you about your love life
Invest in the business of you
Is life not looking like you thought it would?
Love from Costa Rica!
Never feel rejected again!
Paralysis by analysis?
Q & A
Sandy Hook – What can we do?
The Best Valentines Day Card I Got
The Easist Way To Make A Big Difference
The Flaw with the Law of Attraction
The most important thing to be in 2012
The Only Quick Fix that REALLY works
The Only Reason You Are Suffering Over Being Single!
The Secret To Getting Over Anything!
The Unsexy Part of A Leap of Faith
Two final gifts you MUST give before the holidays are over!
What have you always wanted to hear?
What I discovered while sorting thru boxes of childhood memories
What will end in your world today?
What? A pop quiz on the first Monday of the New Year?!?
When will you say “I do”?
Why being a people pleaser is selfish
Why Good Things Come to an End
Why I’d love for you to join me in July
Why what you’re good at may not be good for you
Wondering if your dreams will ever come true?
Yesterday wasn’t my best day


Are you trying to change someone?
I want to tell you about a very special person in my life
A gift from me to you
Are you a People Pleaser?
Are you focused on your capabilities or your possibilities?
Are You Living Inside-out?
Are You Recycling or Rinsing?
Are you strategic or authentic when you communicate?
Are You Wasting Your Most Valuable Resource?
Are You Worthy?
Be a Compliment Columbo!
Christine on WGN offering Tips for Gen Y
Do you believe in transformation?
Do You Have An Enemy?
Don’t go to Chinese restaurant for nachos
Gorging on Gratitude
Have you forgotten who you are?
How do you handle inconvenience?
How I altered my brain
How Is Your Customer Service?
How to end suffering
How To Liberate Yourself From Regret!
I have gifts for you!
Is it better to take action or surrender?
Is there a monster in your closet?
Is Your Mind Getting Fat?
Is your to-do list doing you in?
It’s Time to Make Comparison a Thing of the Past
I’m Asking You For Something
Lights, Camera, Action!
Manifest your Dreams in 2011
My four days with two French Bulldogs
My New Year’s Ritual
One of my favorite time management techniques
One of the biggest misunderstandings about personal growth
The most important things to know about yourself
The most important things to know about yourself
Tomorrow is 11/11/11 and that means?
Wanna Look Good On TV?
What Are You Going To Bed With?
What If?
What Kind of Shape Are You In?
What Kind of Skier Are You?
What scares you?
When is the last time you got SUPER excited about being you?
Why aren’t things in your life changing?
Why I Love My New Partner….
You Are Invited To My Favorite Retreat
You are never truly alone!
You Cannot Screw Up Your Destiny!


All Shook Up
Are You Getting Nailed?
Are you having a Holiday or a HoliDAZE?
Are You Headed Toward or Away?
Are You Surfing on the Same Stories?
Asking for Help
Broken Glass
Decide Versus Choose
Declare Your Independence
Discussing Failures over Coffee
Do You Want $100?
Feeling Funky?
Finding Our Way
Freedom to Choose
From Fretting to Letting
Girlfriends Who Grow Together, Stay Together!
Glory Days
Happy New Day!
Is Striving for Perfection Paralyzing You?
Just say NO
Just say YES!
Just the Way You Are
Kill Them With Kindness
Leaving Me-World
Lessons from the Men’s Room
Life’s Labyrinth
Make Your Past Your Past
Making Changes
Next LA Group Meeting
Not So Sweet Little Lies
Procrastination to Productivity
Say Please and Thank You
Servant of Peace
Stay the Course
Straight Talk from Deepak
The End of Suffering
The Myth of Having It All
The Song of your Soul
Unfinished Business
What Are You Going to Give Up?
When Life Dishes out Disappointment
Which Wolf Are You Feeding?
Who Are Your Playmates?
Who’s Making Your Tacos?
Will you Take the Solo Decision Making Pledge?
Yes! AND…
You’re Invited to Our Women’s Retreat!


“Bless Your Heart”
10 Tips For 20 Something Transformation
Advice On Advice
Alone Under The Mistletoe
Are You Annoyed By A Co-Worker?
Are You Having A Quarterlife Crisis?
Are You Really In Your Body?
Asking For What You Want At Work
Coping With Cancer In Your 20s and 30’s
Dealing With A One-Sided Relationship
Dealing With Valentine’s Day Depression
Exclusive Blog Talk Radio Event With Lindsay Pollak, Alexandra Levitt & Christine Hassler- April 14th
Exclusive Blog Talk Radio Event With Lindsay Pollak, Alexandra Levitt & Christine Hassler- April 14th
Friendly Crossfire
Getting by Giving
Getting To The Core Of What You Want
Giving Thanks
Help! I Have No Time For Me!
How Can I Keep My Job and Avoid Layoffs?
How Do I Find My Passion?
How To Ask Your Boss For A Raise
How To Be Jobless Without Feeling Useless
How To Deal With Anxiety
How To Deal With Friends And Money
How To Deal With Stress
How To Face Your First Holiday Alone
How To Get Over A Cheater
How To Handle Divorcing Parents When You’re An Adult
How To Spring Clean Your Relationship
How To Spring Clean Your Relationships Part 2
How To Stay Positive In A Challenging Job Market
Interns Wanted For Meaningful Media!
Jobless, But Not Hopeless
Let It Be
Lost On The Twenty-Something Journey
Making The Most Out Of Job Rejection
My Parents Or My Boyfriend?
Obligation is the Worst form of Motivation
One Step at a Time
Part 2: The Rite Of Passage For Today’s Twenty-Something Woman
Phasing Out A Friendship
Searching For Motivation
Special One Day Workshop: New Year, NEW YOU!
Swinging Through Uncertainty
The Rite Of Passage For Today’s Twenty-Something Woman
True Tales: When Older Workers Have Younger Bosses
Uncertain In Uncertain Times
Weekly Update: Be Gentle
Weekly Update: Be Proud
Weekly Update: Cell-tiquette
Weekly Update: Choices
Weekly Update: Crystal Ball
Weekly Update: Do You Believe in Magic?
Weekly Update: Gifting Yourself
Weekly Update: Golden Rule
Weekly Update: Good Mornings
Weekly Update: Jump In!
Weekly Update: Learning to Fly
Weekly Update: Life is a Highway, How do you Drive?
Weekly Update: Live, Laugh, Love
Weekly Update: Mercury Is In Retrogade
Weekly Update: Stuck in a Moment?
Weekly Update: Thank You Harley
Weekly Update: Unexpected Patriotism
Weekly Update: Wear Your Good Underwear
Weekly Update: Wind of Change
Weekly Update: You Get What You Give
Weekly Update:Vacation Hangover
What Is The Most Important Thing To Learn In Your Twenties?
What is your theme song?
When To Dive Into A Long-Term Relationship
When Your Friend Becomes Your Boss: How To Preserve Your Job And Friendship
When Your Personal Life Gets In The Way Of Work
Who Are You?
Will You Be Courageous In 2009?


Alone Under The Mistletoe
Are You Suffering From An Expectation Hangover?
Book Review
Bridging the Generation Gap Radio Interview
Check out this review!
Chicken Soup is off the menu!
Gift Giving Protocol At The Office
How To Survive Christmas Alone
My 10 Year College Reunion
Ring In The New Year In A New Way
See me on YouTube!
Teleseminar: Making your life YOURS
Thanksgiving, Twenty-Something Style
Women For Hire