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Jun 13th, 2017 Categories: Career Advice, Inspiration

Who are you NOT to do this?

When you’re on a journey of spiritual growth and transformation, something pretty amazing can happen. At a certain point, you hear the call to share the lessons you’ve learned. It might start out as a whisper, but eventually it becomes a roar: You’re called to serve others and connect to a greater purpose. But even […]

May 18th, 2017 Categories: Inspiration, Motivation

Overcome your fears and get unstuck!

Do you know what to do but you still don’t seem to be doing it? Could the reason be that you are actually scared of success? This seems like a crazy fear to have because we want to be successful but often there is an unconscious belief that keeps us from taking the steps that […]


Six Steps to Intuitive Decision  Making
The step-by-step guide will teach you how to:
  • Finally make choices in your life with absolute confidence
  • Start listening to your inner voice & bypass feelings of overwhelm
  • Learn to stop asking others for opinions and advice

Christine Hassler