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Coaches Corner: The Power of Different: The Link between Disorder and Genius with Dr. Gail Saltz

In this timely and important episode, Christine talks to Dr. Gail Saltz, a leading psychiatrist and mental health advocate, about a myriad of mental health challenges and how we can treat them and help those we love who may be suffering. Dr. Saltz is best known for her work as a relationship, family, emotional wellbeing, and […]

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Coaches Corner: Why is growth painful?

Listen in as Christine discusses why growth can be so painful, why the pain is not “bad”, ways to decrease the pain, and why the pain is NOT necessary for growth. Please help this show by taking the podcast one survey:    Subscribe in iTunes | Stitcher | SoundCloud | Android | Google

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Coaches Corner: The power of relationships with Jordan Harbinger

  Listen in as Christine talks to her friend and fellow podcast host, Jordan Harbinger, about overcoming career expectation hangovers and the power of your network. Jordan shares his system on how to build and nurture the kind of relationships that are key to your success.c Jordan is referred to as “The Larry King of podcasting,” […]

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EP 141: Trust Yourself and Stop Going to Other People for Advice with Lorin

This call is about is about how to use your anxiety as an alarm system.Today’s caller, Lorin, asks how she can start thriving instead of surviving at work but what we discover together is that her ability to thrive has more to do with her ability to trust and listen to herself. If you suffer […]


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