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EP 136: Get Out of Your Head and Listen to Your Heart with Emma

This call is about is about getting out of your head and listening to your heart, especially after an Expectation Hangover like a divorce. This call with Emma is a great example of the struggles of someone who is stuck in their head and emotionally stressed. Her question is about gaining clarity and her next […]


EP 134: How to Get An Ex Out of Your Head with Andrea

This call is about is about reconnecting with our younger self and practicing real self-love. Today’s caller, Andrea, can’t get a guy out of her head. Is she following a pattern that started in her childhood? If an ex is still taking up real estate within your head it’s probably not the person. There is […]

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Coaches Corner: Lessons on Self-Love

We all know self-love is incredibly important but what does it mean and how do you do it? Listen in for a Coaches Corner where Christine discusses a way to practice and understand self-love. Attend one of Christine’s upcoming trainings either in Sydney, Australia or San Diego, CA Sydney event: San Diego event: […]

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Coaches Corner: Get over your Valentine’s Day Expectation Hangover and fall more in love (with yourself and others)

Christine received a lot of messages from listeners who had Expectation Hangovers this Valentines Day. If you feel lonely, disappointed, heart-broken or just plain bitter about love, then listen up! Christine talks about what self-love really is, how to not suffer over being single, and how to release expectations of your romantic partner. Subscribe in iTunes | […]


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