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disguised as love
Dec 1st, 2016 Categories: Love

When fear-based behaviors are disguised as love

Sometimes we equate love with things that are not love at all. (Tweet This!!) Maybe you have bought into one of these misunderstandings:  If I love someone, I should make sure they are happy. If I love someone, it’s natural—even loving—to worry about them. If I love someone and they are hurting, I should try to […]


How to feel happier

During my workout today I was jamming out to my classic rock station on Pandora.  The song “Jet Airliner” came on and the lyric, “You know you got to go through hell before, you get to heaven” really struck me. I have heard the song many times. I even went to a few Steve Miller […]


Six Steps to Intuitive Decision  Making
The step-by-step guide will teach you how to:
  • Finally make choices in your life with absolute confidence
  • Start listening to your inner voice & bypass feelings of overwhelm
  • Learn to stop asking others for opinions and advice

Christine Hassler