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Coaches Corner: Christine answers listener questions about improving communication in relationships and being more vulnerable in dating

Listen in as Christine answers two listener questions. The first is about how to handle very different decisions making strategies in a marriage. The second is about opening your heart and being more vulnerable in dating after you have been hurt in the past.     Subscribe in iTunes | Stitcher | SoundCloud | Android | Google

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EP 79: Stop Self-Sabotaging and Go For Your Goals with Drew

This episode is about self-sabotage. Today’s caller, Drew, is an inspiring entrepreneur who has overcome odds such as being homeless and obesity but he is still getting in his own way. I acknowledge Drew for being honest, real and raw during our call. He is a seeker who is committed to his growth. He truly […]

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Coaches Corner: How to be a healthy adult even if you had an unhealthy childhood with Ally Golden

This is a MUST LISTEN!! So real, raw and FULL of wisdom.  Christine speaks with Ally Golden, the author of “A Good Soldier.” When Ally Golden heads off to college, she breathes a sigh of relief; she is ready to discover herself, independent of her mother. However, this newfound freedom and several failed attempts at intimacy soon […]