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EP 84: Finally Feeling ‘Good Enough’ No Matter What with Jen

This episode is about not feeling good enough. Today’s caller, Jen, knows it is not good to believe she is not good enough, but she feels her problem is insurmountable. The essence of who Jen is isn’t broken, it’s just a pattern she’s comfortable in. Jen is experiencing a limiting belief. It shows up in […]

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CC: Christine answers questions about how to not “take on’ other people’s stuff and how to restart your career.

Jennifer is a therapist who is feeling physically depleted after working with clients.  Christine gives her best tips for protecting her energy and serving people in a way that is energizing, not depleting.  James is 54 years old and has worked at the same office job for three decades. He is interested in shifting to becoming […]

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EP 83: Letting Go of Parental “Mistakes” with Cathy

This episode is about breaking the cycle of generational patterns. Today’s caller, Cathy, experienced corporal punishment as a child, and finds herself doing the same thing to her daughter. As you listen to the call, I hope you are able to separate her character from her behavior. Her behavior is a reaction to her past. […]