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EP 121: Untangling Money and Love with Jillian

This episode is about trusting ourselves and changing our relationship with money and with people. Today’s caller, Jillian, is low on self-love and self-trust and she finds herself buying love. Money and love have been combined and entangled her entire life and her self-worth is dependent on her net worth. However, she doesn’t like having […]

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EP 120: Breaking Up with Sugar and Finding Lasting Sweetness with Marina

This episode is about finding the true sweetness in life. Today’s caller, Marina, feels like she is stuck, especially when it comes to resisting sugar and taking care of her body. As you will hear in the call, It’s not actually sugar she is craving. We don’t overcome our eating patterns with discipline alone. There […]

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Coaches Corner: Building a Tribe with Giovanni Marsico

Giovanni Marsico is the founder of Archangel – a community of superhero entrepreneurs, leaders and gamechangers that are making the world a better place through mission-driven entrepreneurship and philanthropy.   In this Coaches Corner we talk about the importance of finding your tribe or like-minded people — especially if you are an introvert or feel like a “black sheep” […]