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EP 100: How to Find Yourself When You Feel Isolated and Lack Self-Esteem with Judy

  This episode is about being your authentic self and speaking your truth. I coach today’s caller, Judy, through her feelings of isolation, and empower her to have an honest conversation with her husband, and herself, about her needs. Loneliness is an epidemic, especially in this day and age when so many of us live […]

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EP 99: Letting Go of an Ex with Michelle

This episode is about making self-serving decisions. I coach today’s caller, Michelle, through a decision about her long-term relationship. As you can hear in the call, Michelle intuitively knows what she should do, but she needs to be empowered so she can take action. People feel most confident to make a decision or choice when […]

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Coaches Corner: Smart Couples Success Map with Jayson Gaddis

Avoid Pointless Fights, Have Better Sex, And Dominate Your Life Together – doesn’t that sound like an awesome kind of relationship?  It is possible and my guest on Coaches Corner, Jayson Gaddis, teaches us how. Listen in as we discuss how to handle conflict in your relationship in a way that leads to more love.  […]

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EP 98: How Your Fear of Failure is Sabotaging Your Success with Lindsey

This episode is about moving past your fears and getting over it and on with it. I coach today’s caller, Lindsey, on how to move from awareness to implementation. She knows the next steps to take but cannot figure out why she isn’t taking them. She thinks her problem is about time management, productivity, and […]