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Bali Bound! Hear from a woman whose YES changed her life

For years friends and people in my community have been asking me to plan a retreat to Bali. Plus, I’ve been four times myself and know the magic that happens there. So I am THRILLED to share that I will be hosting a spiritual adventure retreat in Bali this September. It will be full of magic, beauty, healing, and fun. It is filling up fast so I wanted to let you know about it ASAP.

And instead of me telling you about the retreat, I asked one of my past retreat participants to be a guest blogger today and share about her experience.

Hi, I’m Connie. And I used to be angry, full of self-judgment. I was also a loner and didn’t think I had much to offer the world. But now? Well, now I’m a powerful, and passionate Ambassador of Light.

So how exactly did I make this change?

Christine’s retreats.

For realskies.

Without her retreats I would’ve never learned the tools that I needed to change my life. I would’ve never met some amazing and awesome women that inspired me to get my head out of my you-know-what and do something about my life. I would’ve never found my purpose in life. And I would’ve robbed all of the wonderful people that I’ve helped from having their own transformation.

I am no more special than YOU are. In fact, there’s a good chance I’ve hit all the rocks underneath YOUR rock bottom. So if I, a woman who is no more special than you are can have a complete and total life transformation…HELLSSSSS YEAHHHH you can too!!!

Let’s rewind a bit…

I’ve attended two of Christine’s retreats and will be attending a third this year. That right off the bat tells you how amazing these retreats are. If they didn’t work or weren’t worth it, I wouldn’t keep investing and going back!

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 5.39.14 PM

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Are you giving up . . . but calling it surrender?

Think of something in your life you really want. Maybe it’s a new career, or a romantic relationship, or a healthier body. Now consider how devoted you are to creating it.

If you are like most people, there was probably a point when you were super psyched about taking steps to make it happen – maybe you even set a New Year’s resolution. Now that time has gone by and you may not be getting the results you hoped for, you have decided to surrender. You are letting it go and leaving it up to the Universe.

And that process of surrender is awesome unless . . .

You are actually giving up, not surrendering. I explain the difference, which can be very subtle, in today’s vlog.

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I didn’t see that coming!! How to deal with curveballs

There’s a sneaky expectation I place on myself that does not serve me well.  Sometimes because of the work I do, I buy into the misunderstanding that I should not be affected by disappointment and curveballs. That I should immediately get to gratitude and move on like nothing happend.

Fortunately I was reminded of my humanity last week when life threw me a curveball that knocked me off my feet and left me with an expectation hangover! I know that my truth is gratitude and love – but I cannot expect myself to jump there when the humanness in me is having a moment.

Can you relate?  You know that compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude are the destination but find yourself pushing to get there?  As I remind myself, I remind you of the transition time. The space in between “ouch” and “thank you.” Honor that space, there is great healing available there.  I share about my honoring of that space in today’s vlog

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Are you using your gifts?

Today’s message is about identifying and expressing your unique gifts – and yes, you have them. EVERYONE does.

I am inspired to connect with you about this topic after returning from a trip called Summit at Sea where I spent three days on a boat surrounded by the most extraordinary people. Artists, musicians, healers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, authors, disruptors, and major Lightworkers!!! It was truly one of the most epic experiences of my life.

There was one moment on the last day where I was moved to tears because something touched me so deeply; which I share about in today’s video.

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