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Aug 6th, 2015 Categories: Career Advice, Events, Love, Videos

Are you a lightworker?

We are living during a rapid increase of consciousness and it is crucial that we come together and learn tools that support our growth. Please join me on August 23rd either live in LA or via livestream from anywhere for a very special workshop. More and more people just like you are waking up and […]

Jul 30th, 2015 Categories: Love, Personal Growth, Relationship Advice, Videos

Being single is not a disorder!

I have been hearing a lot of people complaining about being single lately and approaching their relationship status as some kind of disorder that needs to be treated. I observe so many single people, especially the ladies out there, consistently working on themselves to find their “soulmate.” In today’s vlog I encourage you to be […]

How to get over a Break-up
Jul 9th, 2015 Categories: Inspiration, Love, Motivation, Videos

How to get over a Break-up

A Breakup. There is not much that feels worse than heartache from ending a relationship. This week I’ve heard from a lot of people who are going through a breakup – either a romantic one or a friendship – so I wanted to share ways to expedite your healing process and avoid unnecessary struggle (and […]


Six Steps to Intuitive Decision  Making
The step-by-step guide will teach you how to:
  • Finally make choices in your life with absolute confidence
  • Start listening to your inner voice & bypass feelings of overwhelm
  • Learn to stop asking others for opinions and advice

Christine Hassler