You’re ready to change your life.
Only problem? You’re S‑T‑U‑C‑K.

I have a simple, proven process to help you get over whatever is holding you back – and it’s yours, for free.

“Christine’s an absolute genius of getting the stuck unstuck” – Alex

Let’s be real for a second. Which one of these is you?

  • No matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get what you want out of life. The new job… The healthier body… The soulmate…
  • You keep coming up against the same struggles over and over (like the debt breathing down your neck) and it’s exhausting.
  • You’re desperate for a change (any change!) but you have no idea how to kick-start it.
  • You’ve found all sorts of conflicting advice, nothing’s worked so far, and you aren’t sure who to listen to now.
  • You’re stuck, lost, heartbroken, anxious, overwhelmed, or all of the above, and you know you’re meant for more.

Welcome home, my friend. I have something to help.


It’s called the Over It & On With It assessment, and here’s how it will help change your life.

  • You can apply it to your unique situation

    It covers all the different categories of your life, including finances, career, health, relationships, and spirituality, so it will work for you wherever you’re at.

  • You’ll get crystal clear on what’s blocking you

    Taking this assessment will help you really hone in on exactly what you want, and more importantly, what’s stopping you from getting it.

  • You can use it again and again

    This assessment is like a life compass you can come back to when you need it. Anytime I feel stuck, this is the first thing I do.

Want to see how I’ve helped other people change their lives?

Then take a look at what a few of my previous clients and community members have been been able to overcome and achieve.

Thanks to Christine, I was able to shift some major issues that I had been carrying around for years, and that prevented me from living a happy and fulfilling life.


Christine is able to get to the core of what is holding you back and provides you with practical guidance on how to get unstuck and shift into a life where you can experience genuine happiness and personal freedom.


Christine was able to help me uncover a HUGE blockage that was holding me back in many areas of my life. Though I couldn’t see it, it’s been impacting my relationships, my business success, and also contributing to feeling burnt out in many areas of my life. I can’t tell you how powerful this discovery was for me!



In 3 Simple Steps, the Over It & On With It assessment will get you crystal clear on how to overcome whatever is in the way of living the life you truly want.
It’s the first step in my private coaching process and now it’s yours – for FREE!

Christine Hassler