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As the author of 20-Something, 20-Everything: A Quarter-Life Woman’s Guide to Balance and Direction and The 20-Something Manifesto, Christine Hassler is dedicated to teaching students life skills not offered in college.

Lectures & Workshops
for Twenty-Something Audiences

Expectation Hangovers

A common challenge facing today’s college students is expectations. Whether from parents, professors, peers, or themselves; the expectations that students feel can be overwhelming. Christine Hassler’s program is both interactive and reassuring. She facilitates a discussion about why decisions are hard to make and shares her “Cheesecake Factory” theory. In a gentle and often humorous way, she advises students about things to expect after graduation – like culture shock, an adjustment to the independent life, heart-break, competition and unavoidable forks in the road. Her message to students is that it’s 100% okay (and quite normal!) to NOT know what you want to do with your life. From Christine’s program, students feel relieved of the pressure that fuels expectation hangovers. Armed with real world tips and tools, they feel more prepared for life post-graduation.

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The Myth of “Having it All”

Today’s college woman has a lot on her mind: relationships, family, academics, job searching, finances, her body, and questions about what her future will entail. She is told she can “have it all” – but, what does that really mean and furthermore – is it possible? In Christine Hassler’s program, the questions women struggle with become opportunities to identify and explore dreams and values. Rather than feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, her message to young women is to not worry about “having it all” by anyone else’s standards or checklist, but rather focus on creating a life you want. Topics addressed in the program include: the role of women today, body image and nutrition, sex, relationships and careers.

The Secret to Happy Relationships

We’ve all been in a relationship of some type, so it’s not hard to relate to the bliss and the pain that can come from them. How do we experience less pain and more bliss? The first step is to understand that all of our relationships are impacted by the one relationship we will always have: our relationship with ourselves.

Many of us use our external relationships to define ourselves. We allow the quality or status of those relationships to impact how we feel about ourselves and the world. Learning to assess the health of our relationships—both with ourselves and with others—is a critical step in developing meaningful, rewarding connections with those around us. The healthier our relationship is with ourselves, the more likely we are to make choices that lead to greater success and happiness.

Speaker, life coach and author Christine Hassler has prevailed over her own relationship struggles and successes. From evolving relationships within her family, to professional connections, to coach-client relationships, to surviving heartbreak—Christine shares how these hurdles have actually taught her the most valuable lessons in her life. Today her relationship with herself is healthy and happy, thereby creating amazing relationships with others in her life.

Tools gained from Christine’s keynote include healthy boundary setting, how to give and receive feedback, how to appropriately ask for what you want, how to not take things personally and evaluation techniques to determine the quality of any relationship. She teaches self-awareness tools that have worked in her own life and with hundreds of people she has coached. Ultimately, students will be left with an action plan for entering and existing in healthy relationships with increased confidence.

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What Clients Are Saying:

”Christine’s Campus programs are very impactful; she has a strong story and has great advice for everyone–not just twenty-something’s!”
Sarah, University of Arkansas

”Everyone that attended Christine Hassler’s workshop left feeling empowered and rejuvenated. Christine is a leader in her field and has the unique ability to connect with audiences of all ages, engaging them with her intellect, wit, and life experiences. “The Myth of Having It All” is powerful and encouraged the women of Alpha Gamma Delta to obtain success not by the world’s standards, but through self-discovery and reflection.”
-Stephannie Bailey, Executive Director, The Leadership Institute, Women with Purpose

“The student leaders were hanging on every word of Christine’s program. They’ve tried so hard their entire lives to be what the world wants them to be – to get into the right school, date the right person, land the right job, etc. It was absolutely empowering for them to hear Christine’s message and understand that happiness and success truly starts and ends with themselves.
Beth S., Vice President of Collegians, Delta Gamma Fraternity