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Bridging the Generational Divide:
Connecting and Leveraging a Multi-Generational Workforce

As a life coach, consultant, best-selling author, and acclaimed speaker on cross-generational issues, Christine works with organizations and corporations to increase cooperation, communication and productivity in the workplace.

With four generations working together in today’s workplace, generational differences have become diversity issues. The generational dynamic is increasing frustration and decreasing productivity in many companies. To effectively lead a multigenerational workforce it’s imperative to be aware of how generational influences uniquely impact workplace performance. Christine Hassler’s program helps participants understand and connect with the multigenerational workforce comprised of Matures, Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y. This program identifies the characteristics and traits of each of these generations and their workplace priorities and preferences. Christine explains in detail how to effectively engage members from each generation to create a more harmonious and profitable work environment.

As an expert on Gen Y, a generation that is entering the current workforce by the millions, Christine offers an inside look at the mindset of the 20 something employee. She teaches how to leverage this unique generation who can be extremely valuable members of your team with the right leadership. Christine also offers insight into what creates most workplace stress and teaches tools for increased levels of effective and authentic communication.

For more information on how to effectively lead a multigenerational workforce by engaging each generation based on their workplace preferences and priorities, contact Jill at and visit

Here’s what clients are saying about Bridging the Generational Divide with Christine Hassler:

“I have been blown away by the positive results that our employees have had as a result of implementing our life/goals coaching program led by Christine Hassler. I am confident that investing in all of us was the best investment we could have made to enable a stronger culture, better leaders/managers and happier employees. Christine and her team worked with our team on clarifying our goals, navigating through personal/professional challenges, learning new ways to create success in all aspects of our lives, and identifying actionable steps we can take toward our dreams. I’m personally truly grateful for her guidance in establishing clear, concrete, measurable goals and support in holding me accountable to a plan that led me to be my best inner counselor and coach. Thank you Christine and team for partnering with FITCO to help us learn how to leave a positive legacy and make an impact on the world.”- Jason Kos, FITCO

“With Christine’s two presentations, Bridging the Generational Divide and Growing Wider by Reaching Deeper, she became an overnight sensation throughout our association. Christine’s very personable style, wealth of valuable information, captivating presentation skills, and down-to-earth strategies and skills make her a speaker I highly recommend and rebook in a heartbeat! Twenty somethings, thirty somethings, forty somethings, fifty somethings, sixty somethings, and perhaps even a few seventy somethings – men and women alike – left her sessions with great ideas, valuable information, and a better understanding not only of the various generations in today’s workforce, but also of themselves as they transition internally from one generation to the next and back again. Undoubtedly, Christine provided genuine guidance to help our conference attendees work towards a higher functioning multi-generational workforce.”- Janice Mashak, Director of Member Services, WASHA

“Christine was a dynamic speaker with a unique gift of connecting with a very diverse audience. Her in depth knowledge of the material along with her engaging and entertaining presentation style has rated her as the most practical, relevant and useful seminar we ever offered. Christine is a delight to work with and our board especially appreciated her ability to adapt her presentation to the audience and to make it relevant to the issues our group faces.”-Ervin Gruia, IFMA Symposium Chair

“Christine’s program on Bridging Generation Gaps in the workplace was remarkably sensitive to the complicated work environments of our participants. She offered new insight into the roles and relationships of the four generations working together in their programs. Having her as an opening or closing speaker is highly recommended.”-Phylia Kohl, Cicatelli Associates Inc.

“Christine has a very special gift of connecting with people in a large audience and making them feel she is speaking directly to them. Her presentation was both informative and fun – and she was swarmed with people wanting to speak to her afterwards.”- Brad Minor, Director Public Affairs, American Express

“Christine was a dynamic speaker with a unique gift of connecting with a very diverse audience. Her in depth knowledge of the material along with her engaging and entertaining presentation style has rated her as the most practical, relevant and useful seminar we ever offered.”- Ervin Gruia, IFMA Symposium Chair & President-Elect for Nike Programming

“Christine served as the lead resource at our YPO-WPO 20 Something/20 Everything event. She was terrific. The 3 day agenda she developed was well planned and offered thoughtful programming for our registrants. Her presentation skills were ‘just right’ and offered important information! It was my pleasure to work with Christine.”-Kelly Kelly, Doing Business for YPO-WPO International