Women’s Programs

Christine is an ideal speaker for women audiences and has been invited to speak at Governor’s Conferences and a variety of other women’s events ranging from corporate environments to retreats. She is an ideal keynote speaker, panelist and/or breakout session facilitator.

Below are her most popular messages. Christine can also customize her program to match your conference theme.

The Myth of “Having it All”

Today’s woman has to juggle what seems like an infinite number of concerns: relationships, kids, parents, a biological clock, career, money, health, friends, errands, and what seems like an endless to do list.

Somewhere along the way women have taken on a badge of honor that says, “I am woman, see me take on everything!” We were told by the feminist movement that we can (and should) “have it all” – but, what does that really mean and furthermore – is it possible?

In Christine’s program, the sense of overwhelm that so many women struggle with becomes an opportunity to clarify what is truly important. Rather than feeling the pressure to wear a mask of a multi-tasking heroine who is depleted and constantly stressed inwardly, her message to women is ditch the expectation of “having it all.” She encourages women not to live by anyone else’s standards or checklist, but rather focus on “being your all.”

This program includes inspirational stories, current statistics, interactive exercises, and immediate action steps women can take to feel more balanced and aligned with their core values and priorities.

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Personal Development: Reinventing Your Life!

Regardless of age or circumstance, it is never too late to make a change. While the routine of your daily rituals at work or home may feel comfortable, you don’t want to allow yourself to be stagnant or get caught in a rut.

Many women stay in a job, relationship or circumstance that is comfortable because it is familiar, NOT because it is healthy. After reinventing herself upon leaving a successful career she was miserable in and finding more happiness than she thought possible after a divorce, Christine is living proof that one can “start over” in various aspects of her life.

This engaging, intimate, and deeply honest program invites women to truly examine where they are holding themselves back in their own life. Christine provides heart-felt advice to motivate women to move through their fear so they can get to what they truly want. She brings her experiences as a counselor, life coach, facilitator and someone who has “been there, done that” and offers tools that will empower women to begin reinventing themselves. Women will walk away with tools for reevaluation and inspiration to make a positive change.

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