Women’s Spring Retreat 2019

Get clarity on your purpose. Release emotions and situations that are holding you back. Learn tools that create lasting change and give you peace of mind. Connect with other like-minded amazing women. Receive tons of love and guidance from Christine.

March 15th, 16th, and 17th
in Southern California

Each time I facilitate this retreat I am overwhelmed by the feedback from women about how much they have healed and grown in just this one weekend. If you are ready for miracles, then you are ready for our Spring Retreat. Look forward to having you join us! xoxo, Christine


Are there aspects of your life that just aren’t working?

  • Are you questioning your purpose and direction?
  • Are you willing to release the past and begin creating a present and future you love?
  • Are you ready to transform your life?

During This Retreat You Will:

  • Learn to be less critical and judgmental of yourself
  • Discover and release emotions that you have been avoiding and/or overwhelmed
  • Identify issues that are blocking you from achieving your innermost desires
  • Connect and bond with other women in a confidential and safe setting
  • Relax into guided meditations and breath work to promote less thinking and inspire more intuition
  • Receive one-on-one coaching from Christine Hassler while being supported by a circle of women
  • Experience empowerment, confidence and inner knowing thereby increasing your self-esteem

Give Me the Details!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday: March 15-17, 2019

Friday: Check in begins at 2:00 pm, the retreat begins at 4:00 pm
Sunday: Ends at approximately 4:00 pm

Paradise Point, 1404 Vacation Road, San Diego, CA 92109

Ticket price:
$2100 early bird before October 1st (we offer payment plans)
$2600 regular enrollment
Ticket does not include hotel or transportation
We only have limited space and we have had a waitlist every year for the last 10 years

Ready For Freedom?

This is an exclusive program with a limited number of participants.

All You Need To Know About Our Spring Retreat:

Christine invites you on retreat and explores a few questions to help you answer if this retreat is right for you…

Watch to learn more about this three day journey and how Christine teaches women how to find all the answers by dropping the masks, getting out of our heads and into our hearts, and tapping into our women’s intuition. Spring Retreat is a place where we get back into our femininity, explore our imagination and play with our creativity.

What do we do at Spring Retreat?

Learn how to release anxiety, meditate, get in touch with your own intuition,deal with challenging relationships and so much more…. watch to learn more!

Christine shares how Spring Retreat is less about doing and more about being. During this retreat we learn how to be more present, how to simply be and not being attached to our to-list all the time. To support this, we do a lot of experiential exercises involving meditation and breath work. During the retreat you will also learn how to express your emotions in a healthy way (even the ones you like to repress!). You will be given tools and techniques about how to deal with your feelings rather than suppressing them or allowing them to overcome you while tapping into your greatest potential.

What can you expect from this retreat?

Watch below to find out!

We encourage you to watch this video and trust your intuition to see if Spring Retreat will match your expectations.

Straight talk with Christine

Christine answers the most frequently given objections…

In this video Christine addresses the most commonly given objections in terms of the investment, timing, meeting new people and sharing in the group.

What Participants of Spring Retreat are Saying…

“It was one of the most freeing weekends. I was holding an intimate secret and once I released it I felt so free and grounded. I have also let go of my father’s death and all the core issues that came forward and associated with him. I am now my own woman and stepping into the feminine power I have been seek for so long.” -Sanaz

Melissa, 42. I won’t lie; I was very hesitant about participating and spending a weekend sharing feeling with women I didn’t know! But the love, community, support and wisdom I received from Christine, as well as the other women, was tremendous.I really feel as if I have changed a large part of myself for the better and feel like a stronger, more whole woman.

Lindsay, 32. When first coming this weekend I was nervous and anxious about the process but when greeted and meeting all the women, I was comforted. I was able to finally let down my guard and open up to myself and others. This workshop opened my eyes to the world and gave it new life by enabling me to stop judging and just be. Thank you for helping me.

Aurellia. This was a fabulous weekend and I got exactly what I need…

Yana. I highly highly highly recommend it for every woman no mater what walk of life you are in…

Julie. There was an opportunity to get a sense of my purpose and what my values are. I met people who really opened my eyes to the different kind of experiences that people can have on this planet. I was willing to take this weekend and focus on myself…

“Being part of the retreat has certainly been a capitalist in changing my life: Before the retreat, I was feeling stuck in my career and disconnected from the people around me. This was my first retreat and frankly I didn’t know what to expect..

I just knew that reading books, meditating and yogaing on the beach had taken me so far and I needed something more profound.. I can say that that I wasn’t disappointed! The connection, love and support from the women, who started as strangers, were magical! Things haven’t changed dramatically since then but I have changed and things are moving steadily: I am more open and opportunities are coming my way. I’m embracing the shifts! Practicing Christine’s exercises have given me the momentum to take action! What I appreciated the most from Christine was her non-judgement and the fact that she genuinely cares. No matter how busy she was, she took time to speak to us individually.

The team of women, she surrounded herself with, were also amazing: they had so much love and compassion: if we were scared, we had someone to hold our hand and support us every step of the way! The intimate set up was definitively the perfect environment to spend a weekend in a safe loving circles of soul sisters that will give you the courage to explore parts of yourself you may not have discovered just yet. And most of all, you will meet phenomenal women, who could just become your new best friends; I know I have! I highly recommend it! Thank you Christine for creating such amazing event!”- Sabrina

“I was introduced to Christine’s podcast during one of the biggest expectation hangovers I have experienced so far and I feel so blessed that I cam across her teachings. She exudes such confidence and wisdom, in a grounded and completely non-judgemental and compassionate way.

She is truly inspiring to be around. She helped me shift out of the ‘victim mode’ I was most definitely wallowing in, not only because she has such a healing energy about her but she gives such profound practical advice and tools that allow perspectives to shift on not only the conscious but also the subconscious level. She is the first fist person I came across who truly implemented strategies to shift internal struggles.

I had read a lot of self-help books my whole life but it wasn’t until I came across Christine that I realized more than just reading this information was needed to make serious changes. She truly has such a gift and I constantly recommend her teachings to everyone I come across who might be in need! .”- CJ

“This was truly the most transformational experience of my entire life. Everything is different. I feel an immense peace, a boundless love, a deepened connection to spirit beyond my imagination. My entire world looks different. I feel different. I am not the same human being. My spirit is stronger, louder — colors, smells, sounds…it is all different. Nothing in my life will ever be the same. I don’t have the words to express the depth of my gratitude and awe for you. For the work you do. For the guidance and spirit you channel. For the healing you put out into the world. For the countless lives you are changing. I have found what I have been looking for in your healing and therapy modality — and I have been searching for almost 2 decades. I will be forever forever thankful that your angel voice has come into and changed my life.”- Zoe

“Lauren. This last weekend I got engaged to a kind and caring man. Before your help I truly don’t believe I would have emotionally been capable of having a healthy relationship with someone else, or even myself.

I’m proud and humbled that today I can be at peace in my own skin and don’t have the burden of my past weighing me down. I have you to thank and will forever be grateful for your help.”

Kelly, 25. I was challenged, opened, loved, and nurtured in a way I have never been before. I have been given the tools I needed to become the awesome woman I want to be; and that I am beginning to see I am!

“Before I worked with Christine and attend the retreat, I was struggling with several issues in my life that seemed unrelated and overwhelming. I had recently experienced a lot of personal and spiritual growth because of recent recovery from alcoholism, but there were still blocks in many areas of my life. I was unsure what my next career move was, I felt unfulfilled in my marriage, I felt guilty about spending any time pursuing my own dreams out of a sense of duty to care for my children and husband, I stressed about money, and overall I just felt stuck. Christine helped me uncover the missing link that actually connected every single one of my issues, plus some other issues I wasn’t aware of, and helped me heal the part of me that desperately needed loving attention.” -Carrie


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