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EP 53: Accepting Your Body and Being Authentically YOU with Jeannette

EP53v1We all have issues or problems in our lives we need to overcome and heal. What things do you believe to be your biggest issues?

The key to healing is how we relate to the issue. We can choose to be a victim and allow shame and judgment to rule our lives or we can choose to hang on to our issue because it makes us feel special or gets us attention. We can also choose to believe our problem is insurmountable and even though we feel we have tried everything to get over it, we think we never can.

Today’s caller, Jeanette, is feeling she is not enough and she struggles with an eating disorder she adopted in her early teens. She craves acceptance from her family because she has a low acceptance of herself.

If there is something you are doing to get love and acceptance or helps you to fit into your family, you WILL have a hard time letting it go. You may have a fear of being authentically you because you worry other people will judge or make fun of you.

Remember, we teach people how to treat us. If we continue to show up as a victim or play into the pattern, people will continue to see and treat us accordingly. If someone isn’t in a loving, open-minded relationship with themselves, they will not be loving and open-minded with you. Not everyone is on the personal growth journey that you are on. Give the people you love the dignity of their own process.

If you want or need to hear something, look into your own eyes and say it to yourself. Be you, step out of your box and don’t take things personally.

I am very excited to share an update about my new video course. I am putting together all of my best tools and resources for you. The first video is coming out in October and it will focus on acceptance, because acceptance is the first law of spirit. My gift to you is to be on the list for the first announcement and for the early bird discount. Visit ChristineHassler.com/VIPlist to sign up.

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