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Coaches Corner: Bring your WHOLE self to work with Mike Robbins

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Are you ready to unlock more creativity, build stronger relationships, and improve your performance at work? My friend, Mike Robbins, has spent 17+ years helping people, leaders, and teams enhance their results and thrive in today’s complex business world.

In this episode we discuss his latest book, BRING YOUR WHOLE SELF TO WORK, to  help you expand your emotional intelligence, deepen your growth mindset, and bring more authenticity to the way you communicate, lead and work.

It’s available now and when you order it today, Mike will send you some great bonus gifts as a thank you.

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EP 130: Heal Daddy Issues and Create Authentic Relationships with Marie


This call is about speaking your truth and being authentic in dating. Today’s caller, Marie, calls in wanting to know how to break off a bad relationship but it turns out she needs to heal old wounds from her relationship with her father.

If you are asking yourself, how do I stop dating the same person with a different face? You should know that when we are born we know we are connected to a higher power and we know that we are unconditionally loved. Then, our conscious mind takes over and we lose a bit of our antenna and we project ‘God,’ or the source of unconditional love, on to our parents. If they don’t or are unable to give us unconditional love, we search for it through our relationships.

If you have been yearning for love and feel unlovable your story will create your reality. Emotional availability is not just about vulnerability, it is about honesty and speaking your truth.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Do you keep dating the same person with a different face?
  • Are you pretending in any of your relationships? Are you a chameleon? Are you being more strategic than authentic?
  • Do you doubt your ability to be loved?
  • Are you hoping someday a parent will show up differently for you than they have in the past?
  • Do you have the relationships you crave or do you have relationships you hope one day will turn into what you want?

Marie’s Question:

Marie has become obsessed with a relationship she knows she should end and wants to know how to get over it and on with it.

Marie’s Key Insights and Aha’s:

  • She has experienced a lot of heartache.
  • She believes men just leave relationships.
  • She doesn’t have a close relationship with her father.
  • She has issue-based relationships.
  • She is looking for emotional relief from her dad.
  • She continues to chase emotional intimacy.
  • She’s emotionally unavailable.
  • She doesn’t let people see the real Marie.
  • She has yearned for male attention her entire life.

How to get over it and on with it:

  • She should write a letter and speak her truth to her father.
  • She should start having an authentic, emotionally honest relationship with her father.
  • She should break her patterns of pretending in relationships.

Assignments and Takeaways:

  • Take an inventory of your relationships. Where are you being strategic versus authentic?
  • Start to have honest, vulnerable communication with the people in your life.
  • If you are obsessing about someone, consider what lesson your discomfort is leading you toward.
  • When it comes to change, healing, and making your dreams come true, don’t just be helpful — be committed.


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Stop trying so hard to be yourself!

With so many opportunities to see people doing extraordinary things or expressing in unique ways it can be easy to feel, well . . . ordinary.

I get the pressure to be a “Unicorn.” It seems like we are consistently encouraged to be different and stand out from the crowd in order to be seen. Those without particularly eccentric personalities can feel somewhat boring or even invisible.

But here’s the truth. NO ONE is ordinary. We are all extraordinary in our own ways and it is time we embrace this rather than try to alter or amplify ourselves to get attention or validation.

You do not need to be any different than who you are authentically. If you are questioning who you authentically are, consider that you trying too hard to be someone you are not by trying to live up to societal expectations and/or people pleasing.

In today’s vlog I encourage you to stop trying to be a unicorn and be a YOUnicorn.

Stop trying so hard. The essence of who you truly are will shine through once you get out of the way. You do this with self-acceptance and by letting go of comparison.

Express yourself in ways that feel good to you. Let go of trying to look good.

You are the ONLY one who can be you and you are exceptional at it so just do you! (tweet this!).

For more on the topic of authenticity, go here.

And I always love to hear your thoughts and comments so please share with me below.



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How to be Authentic … and Appropriate

Authenticity is a word that seems to be very hot lately.  We are encouraged to be authentic and authentically express ourselves.

But what does authenticity truly mean? And is it possible to be too authentic? Are there times when fully expressing ourselves is actually not appropriate

I’ve been thinking a lot about authenticity as it has been something I have been working on with my coach and has also been the theme this month for my Inner Circle membership community.  I share some insights and tips on how you can be both authentic AND appropriate in today’s video.

In the video I explain how to be authentic and responsible. Authenticity is not about saying whatever we want with no regard with how it may impact someone else.  It is also not about over-sharing and processing our wounds publicly.

Authenticity is about speaking our truth with love. Sharing for the purpose of connection rather than to get attention or validation. It is about being ourselves without judgment or self-consciousness.  To be authentic requires radical self-acceptance, learning from our perceived mistakes and moving forward with awareness.   Most of all, authenticity is about owning our gifts and expressing them in a way that FEELS good.

I encourage you to reflect on how you can be even more authentic in your life.  Do an inventory of your relationships, choices and behaviors and ask yourself, “Is this in alignment with what I really want? Am I being 100% honest with myself or others?” And if your answer is no to those questions, consider making some adjustments.

Be authentic by creating an external life that matches your internal truth. Tweet this!