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My best b-school bonuses ever

First a note to my dear community: My regular blog/vlog style will be back next week.  I just wanted to make sure you knew about my free B-School bonuses to help you build your business.

If you would prefer to avoid an expectation hangover when it comes to making your dreams a profitable and purposeful reality, I have great news for you.  B-School registration opens today and I am psyched to share the special ways I will support you through the this online business school for modern entrepreneurs.

Since my zone of genius is coaching, I designed a package that offers you the most access to get live, personalized coaching from me.  Building your own business is totally rewarding, but not exactly easy emotionally, mentally, or financially (otherwise everyone would do it, right?!). That is why I am committed to pulling from over a decade of experience as a life and business coach to maximize your B-school experience if you enroll through my partner link.

And this year I have added a super special addition that will give you the opportunity to mastermind with me this summer at my home in San Diego.

What is most unique about my bonuses is that you will be part of a smaller, more intimate group where you will get one-on-one coaching from me.

I BELIEVE in you and these bonuses will ensure that you are successful at completing and implementing what you learn in B-School.

Here are the bonuses valued at over $1999 you will receive if you enroll through my link:

  • Four 90 minute live group coaching calls. These will take place every other week of the program beginning the week of March 13th. I’ll answer your questions and coach you through any roadblocks that come up. You will also get access to behind-the-scenes stories from my own business. These calls are recorded and sent to you if you cannot join live.
  • Private Facebook group with access to me throughout the program. This will be another forum for questions and where I share how I have applied each week’s lesson in my own business. The B-School community is BIG so this will provide you with a forum where you will not get lost in the crowd and where you also may feel more comfortable sharing with a smaller group.
  • 4 CUSTOM meditations and visualizations. A regular spiritual practice has been crucial to my success. I create customized guided meditations that complement each B-School module. The visualizations are what I use to grow my own business – and keep me grounded and connected while doing it.
  • Free access to my TOP FOUR online courses. This is a major score!! Shop around my online store and dive into any of these courses including: The Expectation Hangover video workshop, Men Exposed, Finding Your Purpose Career Course, and My Money Makeover Course!!

And, wait there is more . . .

This year I am adding a SUPER MAJOR BONUS:


Everyone in my B-School community is invited to my home to spend the day Masterminding with myself and my business partner. We will dive into your business and give you the kind of hot-seat, one-on-one attention that is seriously PRICELESS. We will share strategies and secrets to leverage what I call your “Secret Sauce.” You will also mastermind with your fellow B-Schoolers and get even more ideas and action steps. This is an incredibly life changing opportunity and I’m psyched to offer it to you because Masterminding has been KEY to the success of my business!

Some deets about the Mastermind Day: The date will a weekend day in summer 2017. We will determine the date by polling the group to ensure maximum attendance. We will be live streaming the event so if you cannot make it live, you can join us online.

If you…

  • Desire to start a thriving business that you love and gives you freedom
  • Are ready to take your business to the next level
  • Are craving expert guidance and a step-by-step plan

…then B-School is for you!

I wake up everyday feeling grateful to do work I love and the freedom that comes with having my own business.  You can too!

I’d be honored to support you in your business building journey.

Let’s do this! I




bschool bonus img

I don’t want you to miss this

The reason I am so passionate about making sure you know about this video training is because I believe that everyone deserves to do what they love AND make money at it.  No more excuses. It’s time for you to build your brand, share your message, offer your services, sell your products, and create the lifestyle you dream of. It’s possible. I have done it and you can too.

So if you desire to be your own boss, with your own business. Or make a bigger impact and leap with your existing business. Or do something that connects with your purpose, your passions and your desire to be free . . . then don’t miss out on this 3 Part Training Series from Marie Forleo where she teaches you:

  • A simple roadmap to launching and growing your business online with class and smarts
  • How to overcome the fear, doubt and hesitation that keep most new and evolving business owners stuck
  • The exact framework she used to build a highly profitable global brand
  • What you need to focus on first, second, third and so on to eliminate overwhelm and keep taking consistent action

These videos will invite you to join an online success course called “B-School” that Marie teaches only one time per year.  B-School is the world’s first online business school for modern entrepreneurs. This proven training system teaches smart, simple (but effective) online marketing strategies to entrepreneurs  who want more traffic, more sales and more growth.


If you’ve been a part of my community you know I’m passionate about personal freedom and investing in one’s self. I recommend Bschool because it worked for me and I know it can work for you.

What I have noticed that stops entrepreneurs the most is their own limiting beliefs, fears, and stories they are dragging around from their past.  So I will be offering you coaching and special support if you choose to enroll through my partner link (exciting details to come about how you can be part of a free live mastermind with me in San Diego so stay tuned!)

For now, make sure you take advantage of the amazing free content Marie is offering. You can view it all for free here.

Finally, Marie has an opportunity for you to apply for a scholarship to B-School – how cool is that?!? You can get all the details here.

To your success!!


Coaches Corner: Build a Business and Life You Love with Marie Forleo

I have such a treat for you all this week as Marie Forleo joins us on Coaches Corner. She drops SO much wisdom in this interview. Scroll down to listen to episode.

Some of the topics we cover include:

  • What “modern marketing” really is all about – and why it’s not sleazy!
  • How to overcome fear when it comes to your business and stepping into your purpose
  • The reason why taking action is critical . . . even if you do not know your final destination
  • How to get clarity in ANY situation
  • What you can do to figure out if your business is viable idea

Marie just released a FREE video training series where she gives you some incredible advice on starting or building your business.

Go here to get your free training!

Also, I am a proud affiliate partner of B School and will be announcing my special bonuses soon (one of them is coming to my home in San Diego for a free masterminding day with me!).  Be sure to sign up below for my emails so you stay in the know.

A little more about Marie Forleo:

Named by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation and one of Inc.’s 500 fastest growing companies, Marie’s mission is to help you build a life you love and use your gifts to change the world. She’s the creator of the award-winning online show MarieTV with over 26 million views on YouTube with an audience in 195 countries. She’s the founder of B-School, an online business school for modern entrepreneurs. Through her Change Your Life, Change The World initiative, every product purchased helps support a person in need.


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I hated having a boss

This week I moved out of Los Angeles down to San Diego. After 16 years of being in the city of angels it has been a big transition, which has inspired a lot of reflection.

One of the things I have been reflecting on is my career journey. I moved to LA with huge dreams of making it big time in Hollywood. And I was well on my way there by 25 when I was promoted to be a Television Literary agent. On the outside I was incredibly successful but on the inside I was miserable.

Each week I got the Sunday night blues. I went to work with knots in my stomach both from the stress of the job and the stress of feeling like I was not doing what I was “supposed” to be doing.  I lived for the weekends and would come back with massive vacation or holiday hangovers just aching for more free time.

I hated the long hours. I hated having to be somewhere at certain times every day. I hated doing work that felt like it really did not make any kind of difference in the world. I also really did not like having a boss (actually multiple bosses). I dreamed of feeling free;  being my own boss; and most of all, doing something that really mattered to me.

But I had no idea how. I was scared to take off my “golden handcuffs” and leave a career that I had worked so hard to build.  The uncertainty of leaving my steady paycheck totally freaked me out.  Plus, I had no clue how to start my own business.

Eventually I got to the point where I just could not take another day doing something that I did not enjoy. So I quit. I left it all behind.

People thought I was crazy. I kind of wondered if I was crazy. Yet I could not ignore that gut feeling that something else was calling me.

You know the ending to this story, which is that today I have a business and life that I love. But you may not know all the steps that got me here – and believe me there were a lot!

I made many mistakes. I stressed about money. I was confused about how to build my business. I spent three years moonlighting at what I do now while working pay-the-bills jobs.

And you know what got me through all that?
Two things. The first was faith. I believed that the feeling I had to help others was not random. The second was taking on a learning-oriented approach to building a business. I got coaches, took courses, joined masterminds and invested in learning HOW to actually create a profitable, purposeful and sustainable business.

One of my teachers has been Marie Forleo’s B-School, which is an online business school for modern entrepreneurs. I HIGHLY recommend this program for anyone who wants to begin or grow their business and finally have the FREEDOM and IMPACT they desire.

Marie just released a FREE video training series where she shares some really awesome information. These videos will give you a taste of what B-School is all about. You’ll get to know Marie (and love her if you don’t already) as she shares her incredible story of how she has built a multi-million dollar business online with integrity.


Some of the things you will also learn are:

  • Why heart-centered people like you and me are wired for success.
  • Why waiting to uplevel your online game is a really, really bad idea.
  • What your competitive advantage is.
  • A step-by-step process to get your business up and running.

I do not want you to have an Expectation Hangover when it comes to your life’s work!!! I am a partner for B-School for because I know first-hand what Marie teaches works. I LOVE that she teaches how to be successful online without being slimly or scamy.

As a partner for B-School, I will be offering a special package that includes a way to get personalized coaching from me while you go through the program at no additional cost. I will share that opportunity with you soon so stay tuned because I’m psyched to support you!!!

For now, carve out some time, grab your notebook and go here to start learning from Marie.

With love,

p.s. I’m a proud affiliate partner of Marie Forleo’s B-School. I don’t recommend anything lightly and I fully believe in the integrity of this program. I may earn a referral fee if you take the course from my recommendation and will be offering you supplemental support from me if you enroll in the program (stay tuned!) All of my opinions are 100% my own.