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Removing abundance blocks and boredom at work

Greetings from Bali! I am here leading my annual retreat and this year has been a little more interesting as we are awaiting the possible eruption of Mt Agung, a volcano here on the island.

If there is one thing we absolutely cannot control, it is Mother Nature. So this has been a time of surrender and trusting, while also being smart and taking necessary precautions. We are safe in Ubud and outside the evacuation zone. Your prayers for the people of this magical island are appreciated. Thank you.

So…shifting gears to what’s been cooking on the podcast lately. I had an incredible session with Doreen about creating more abundance in her life. We uncovered a very significant promise she made to herself at a young age based on something she observed in her parents relationship that was impacting her relationship with money. Be sure to listen to this episode and consider what promises or vows you made at a young age that may need to be updated.

Go here to listen to Episode 106 

I also coached Becca on overcoming boredom at work in episode 107. This was a truly fascinating coaching session where I am SO GLAD I did not allow my assumptions to guide how I coached her. What began as a question about work transformed into a conversation about extremist behavior and shame. Don’t miss this one!

Go here to listen to Episode 107 

Enjoy these episodes and please share them with friends and on your social media platforms. 

I am sending you so much love and joy from Bali.  Even amidst all the concern and evacuation of 80,000 people so far, there is still such a feeling of peace and joy here. And as the Balinese say, “Only God knows what will happen.” 

In this moment as I write to you from my room overlooking the rice fields about to go down and lead 22 amazing women through the next process in our retreat, I am filled with gratitude. All is well.



Done with Dieting!

When you look in the mirror in the morning do you like what you see?  Are your thoughts about your body usually critical?  Do you long to be thinner or believe you would be more attractive if you looked different in some way? Have you tried multiple diets but nothing seems to work?

If you are like a lot of people, especially women, the answer to the above questions is yes.

It pains me to see how many of us struggle when it comes to loving our body.  I know what a waste of energy it is to be so critical and judgmental of ourselves and it totally robs us of ENJOYING being in our body.

That is why when I was asked to be a part of an all-new online video series called Done With Dieting, I said yes! Done With Dieting is the #1 FREE Online Event to help you Lose Weight, Stop Dieting, End Emotional Eating and Love Your Body Now!

This event features the top experts in weight loss (without dieting), women’s health, body image, self-love, nutrition, fitness, the psychology of eating, eating disorders, emotional eating, mindset and more.

This event was created by my dear friend and colleague Melissa Kathryn, who healed herself of chronic dieting, emotional eating, compulsive eating, body dysmorphia, IBS, SIBO and other gut related issues.

She’s on a mission to free women from dieting, so they lose weight effortlessly, and thrive in life in body they love! Melissa has brought together top experts in these fields, like me, to help you do the same.

In our interview I talk about why so many people have trouble permanently releasing weight or shifting their health.  Hint: It has to do with the fact that your weight and/or health issues are actually serving a purpose!

Make sure to register here to watch my interview and be Done With Dieting 

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn from the series:

• Discover how to lose weight effortlessly.

• Recover and heal from binge eating.

• Steps to overcome emotional eating, food obsession, chronic dieting and more.

• Cure extreme cravings.

• Jumpstart your metabolism.

• Balance your hormones.

• Make peace with food.

• Heal your relationship with yourself and your body.

• Tools to learn how to eat for your body (without a diet plan).

• Experience full freedom from food, where food is simply food.

• How to end self-sabotage.

• Identify foods that beautify and nourish you from the inside out.

This training series is FREE for a limited time only, so make sure to register here today. When you register, you’ll receive high-level coaching, advice, tips and action steps to help you be Done with Dieting!

And just in case you are wondering…

There is absolutely no catch to this opportunity and it won’t cost you anything to attend.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get the best advice you’ve ever heard about effortless weight loss, making peace with food, healing your body, ending self-sabotage and never having to diet again, while keeping the weight off, experiencing peace in your body, with food and yourself! It starts today and is all in one place, for FREE!

Register now to be Done With Dieting at No Cost 

Here’s to your health,



P.S. Did you catch my podcast this week? I coach Doreen on overcoming blocks to being abundant when it comes to her career and finances.  Go here to listen.

100% Responsibility = 100% Freedom

Take 100% responsibility for your life.  That sounds quite empowering doesn’t it?  But it also may sound rather challenging especially if you feel like you have been wronged or dealt a crappy hand of cards lately.

But the ONLY way to feel truly free in our life is to take 100% responsibility for our life.  That does not mean we have to like everything that is happening. It does mean we accept what happens and stop fighting with reality.

When we are going through any kind of expectation hangover, especially the ending of a relationship, there is often a tendency to blame the other or feel like a victim in some way. This is even more likely if we feel the other person betrayed us or wronged us in some way. 

But if we REALLY want to heal and be free after something ends, we MUST get out of blaming (others AND ourselves) or feeling like a victim. The only way we get free is if we not only forgive, but also look at what we have learned from the situation so that we do not re-create the same kind of expectation hangover in the future. 

This is exactly what I coach Mary on in episode 105 of my podcast. She is having a really challenging time letting go of an ex – she is obsessing over his new relationship and just can’t seem to get over it even in therapy. She has a powerful shift on this call and I hope you do as well from listening.

Go here to listen to episode 105 

Something my coach, Brandy, says to me often is, “Take 100% responsibility for your 50%.”  I will admit that is challenging sometimes and requires a level of accountability WITHOUT self-criticism.  I have had to learn how to take responsibility for what has happened – or hasn’t happened – in my life without regretting things or beating myself up . . . and I encourage you to do the same! 

We cannot change the past but we can learn from it and create a different present and future. (Tweet this!!)

And that is exactly what Mary, who I coach in episode 105, has the opportunity to do. 

Also be sure not to miss episode 104 where I coach Jobe.  He cannot seem to get over his ex and we discover a very surprising reason why he can’t seem to let go which has to do with his integrity. I coach him into taking a very powerful action that supports him in taking 100% responsibility. 

Go here to listen to episode 104 

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Have a beautiful day and, remember, take 100% responsibility for your life!!



My #1 tool for avoiding conflict in any relationship

The more time with spend with a person and the more we care about them, the closer we get.  Our romantic partners, family members, closest friends, and business colleagues are the people we cherish.

And . . .

They are often also the people who know our buttons and we know theirs. They get the best of us…and the not-so-best of us. We love them and they drive us crazy sometimes. I think we can all admit that sometimes the people we love the most are also the people we get the most irritable with, or judgmental of, or hurt by.  This leads to arguments, passive aggressive behavior and eventually resentment. 

None of us want that in our closest and most important relationships so how do we avoid it? Is the answer always being on our “best” behavior? Sure that is a lovely intention but we are all human and we have our moments that can lead to hurt feelings, fights, and even resentment.  That is why I LOVE this simple tool that I share with you in today’s video.

Be sure to watch the video as I explain this tool in greater detail, but here is the overview: When you are NOT in an argument or triggered, have a talk with someone you are in significant relationship with, where you come up with a code word to alert each other when either of you is engaging in hurtful behavior.

For example, let’s say it really bothers you when your husband checks his phone when you are talking because it makes you feel like he is not listening. Choose a word like “monkey” (funny words work well) that you can say next time he does it to alert him to his behavior without having to get in an argument about it. 

Code words are a two way street so playing off the example above, if you have one to call your husband out on, you have got to acknowledge you probably do something that really irks him as well. Let’s say he really gets annoyed when you nag him. His code word could be “banana” and that is your cue to stop nagging.

This tool is highly effective if both people agree to use it and respond when they hear the code word. So many arguments and hurt feelings can be avoided by using code words. Plus they are handy to use in public situations as well!

The people we love most deserve the best of us. Do not reserve your best behavior for acquaintances or people you are seeking to impress. (Tweet this!)

I’m excited to hear how this tool could work for you and what tools you currently use to improve communication and connection in your relationships.  Please leave comments below.



p.s.  It’s been an awesome week on the podcast.  In Coaches Corner I chatted with Mark Sisson who is one of the top leaders in health on the show to talk about how to optimize your diet, exercise, sleep and vitality.  Go here to listen.

In this week’s coaching episode, I helped Jobe get over his ex-girlfriend and get to the root of why closure was so hard for him.  Go here to listen to episode 104