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A Prayer Of Gratitude

I love the week of Thanksgiving here in the States because gratitude is on everyone’s mind. When we are aware of what we do have, we are a lot less inclined to obsess about all the things we don’t. Cultivating a consciousness of gratitude is a spiritual practice – it’s a MUST for anyone who is committed to living a life of love.

My personal gratitude practice consists of an evening gratitude ritual that I have done for years. Every night before I go to bed, I write a list of things that happened that day that I am particularly grateful for. Things like a rockstar parking spot, magical moments of serendipity, a fabulous meal, a laugh with a friend, or noticing an old pattern or trigger come up that offers me an opportunity to work my process. My gratitude journal (which I share with you in the video) is also a wonderful way to keep a diary of my life. I love looking back through it to reflect on past moments and celebrate lessons and blessings.

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Having confidence is not as hard as you think

Last week in my women’s coaching circle, one of the women was sharing about a work situation and expressed that she “needs to work on being more confident.” She believed that she would be more respected in her company if she communicated like the other employees who she perceives as being more confident.

Can you relate? Are there situations in your life where you wish you felt more confident?

We have all had moments of mild to extreme self-consciousness where the feeling of confidence seems about as far away as Jupiter. Those awkward moments or instances where we feel judged by others often make us believe that we need to “work on” becoming more confident.

How have you “worked on” being more confident? Perhaps by taking public speaking classes? Rehearsing things you want to say in front a mirror? Getting a coach? Buying a new outfit?

While all those things are wonderful forms of self-support, feeling more confident actually takes way less effort. I explain in more detail in my vlog below, but here is the bottom line: the only reason that you do not feel confident is because you are judging yourself. Period. Really.

The instant you stop judging yourself and looking for all of the ways you should be more, better, or different you will experience confidence. You do NOT feel confident because you are not accepting yourself fully for who you are.

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Want to join me in the Mexican Riveria?

Imagine five days on a beautiful beachfront property, daily yoga, delicious food, connecting with like-minded women, swimming in the ocean, sunsets, time just for you to relax . . . and leaving with a full heart and renewed sense of joy and peace about your love life.

This vision can be your reality by joining us for my retreat in Tulum, Mexico this January. We have four spots left. Is one of them yours?

It could be if you can you relate to any of the following:
• You are ready to call in a partner to share your life with
• You are sick and tired of attracting unavailable people
• You are currently in a relationship you are seeking clarity about
• You want to bring the passion back into your current relationship and learn ways to be a better partner.
• You are heartbroken or hung up on someone and really want to get over it!
• You are an independent woman who knows how to get things done, but deeply desire a stronger connection to your feminine side
• You know the value of treating yourself to amazing vacation that supports your growth and dreams!

If any part of you is saying, “Yes, I want that!” I encourage you to act quickly. Don’t listen the excuses that are just getting in the way of the life you really want.

A focus of this retreat is about letting go – and the first thing to let go of is your excuses for why you can’t come like: “Well I really want to wait for a guy to take me on a trip” or “I can’t afford it” or “I just cannot take the time off” or “I really need to spend time on practical things.”

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How to Stop Obsessing

Obsessing over something is the worst. When someone or something has pitched a tent and set up camp in your mind, it can be your own personal version of torture.

What can we do to stop the seemingly endless cycle of obsessive thinking?

What does NOT work is continuing to talk about whatever you are obsessing about. You probably know insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. You are making yourself insane by continuing to give valuable airtime to the subject of your obsession (and possibly driving the people you keep talking to about it crazy too!)

In today’s vlog I share with you two out-of-the-box strategies that will help eliminate obsessive thinking so you can start talking about the things that light you up rather than bring you down!

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