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CC: Christine answers questions about how to not “take on’ other people’s stuff and how to restart your career.

christine hassler podcastJennifer is a therapist who is feeling physically depleted after working with clients.  Christine gives her best tips for protecting her energy and serving people in a way that is energizing, not depleting. 

James is 54 years old and has worked at the same office job for three decades. He is interested in shifting to becoming self-employed but is disappointed he has not been able to get his new career off the ground.

Listen in as Christine addresses both these topics.

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Love: Practice Makes the Master!  Join Christine and Aubrey Marcus for an empowering and transformational retreat in Austin. 


EP 83: Letting Go of Parental “Mistakes” with Cathy.

Make sure to listen to this episode to hear Christine talk about the difference between sympathy and compassion.h



Coaches Corner: End your battle with food and your body

podcast img new 800 x 800Ready to end the vicious battle with food and stop hating your body? Then you’ll love this talk Christine has with Samantha Skelly, founder of “Hungry for Happiness”

Samantha also mentioned her program that will take you on a healing journey to end your battle with food and find self acceptance. You can learn more about her course and community here:


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