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Join Marie TODAY LIVE for a webinar & get your questions answered

I have loved all the questions and excitement around B-School and I know many of you have signed up already – yay!!

If you are still asking, “Shall I do it this year?” I am excited to share with you that Marie is hosting FOUR LIVE webinars to help you answer this question and also share about the 5 Mistakes Even Smart Entrepreneurs Make-And How To Avoid Them.

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The webinar is happening TODAY, February 22nd at 1 pm Eastern / 10 am Pacific and another one at 8 pm Eastern / 5 pm Pacific. She will also host it LIVE again on February 24th at 1 pm Eastern / 10 am Pacific and another one at 8 pm Eastern / 5 pm Pacific.

This webinar is brand new and it’s packed with mistakes, solutions, tactics and examples you can apply right away. Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to 45X your marketing efforts using a tool everyone thought was “so over.”
  • The surprising links & widgets you might have on your website that can stop buyers dead in their tracks.
  • Why more traffic isn’t always what you need — and what you should do instead.
  • The story of how one entrepreneur killed almost every single offering she had and tripled her income in mere months.
  • The controversial truth about marketing that even the most brilliant CEOs don’t understand.

Click here to register now.

The webinar will be LIVE every time and recorded. And, Marie’s offering a fast-action BONUS just for people who enroll in B-School during the live webinar, so be sure to watch it live vs. wait for the replay.

If you have any other questions for me about B-School or being on the fence, please feel free to contact me personally. And if you are ready to join now, you can check out my bonuses here.

Also if you have enrolled and want to be in my B-School community and have NOT received a welcome email, please email jill@christinehassler.com so we can make sure you are taken care of.



P.S. Did you catch my awesome interview with Marie Forleo on my podcast? You will not want to miss this one. We dive deep into everything business related and you will see why I love her work so much. Click here to listen now.

How owning my own business allows me to live life on my own terms

Last year I moved from Los Angeles to San Diego and found my dream place right on the ocean. It was truly heaven listening to the sound of the waves and watching the sunset each day. I never wanted to leave so you can imagine my surprise when I found out my landlord was not going to renew my lease. I had to move out a week ago, just one year after I moved in.

Talk about an expectation hangover. I did not know what to do and as I started looking for new places, I just got more depressed. So I stopped looking and listened within. The Universe was giving me a massive wake-up call, would I listen?

Once I did listen I heard that I was being ejected for a reason and it was time to totally surrender. Signing a new lease did not feel right. What did feel right was to go where I felt called and to practice living in uncertainty.

I write this email to you now from Australia. All my stuff is in storage and I am going with the flow, which for my Type-A Virgo personality is not natural!

There is no way I could do this if I did not have the freedom having my own business affords me. I knew in my twenties, when I was working more in corporate America, that freedom was a top value for me. Working for someone else really did not work for me so I committed to creating a career where I could be my own boss and work from anywhere. Today I am incredibly grateful for that commitment.

Creating my own thriving business has been incredibly satisfying, but not easy. I have made many mistakes and wasted a lot of time attempting to figure things out on my own, which cost me time and money. But perhaps the most painful cost was that for years I felt as if I was not making the impact I wanted to make. There were so many people I wanted to serve; yet I did not know how to reach them. Also, I was working a LOT of hours and had no clue how to use the internet to grow my business.

That is why I am thrilled that I can share with you one of the best teachers out there, Marie Forleo, who runs an online business school for modern entrepreneurs. I HIGHLY recommend this program if you want to begin or grow your business and finally have the FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT you desire.

Marie just released a FREE video training series where she shares some really awesome information. These videos will give you a taste of what B-School is all about. You’ll get to know Marie (and love her if you don’t already) as she shares her incredible story of how she has built a multi-million dollar business online with integrity.

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at , Feb 8>1.02.25 PMSome of the things you will learn are:

  • Why heart-centered people like you and me are wired for success.
  • Why waiting to uplevel your online game is a really, really bad idea.
  • What is your competitive advantage.
  • A step-by-step process to get your business up and running.

I do not want you to have an Expectation Hangover when it comes to your life’s work!!! I am a partner for B-School for because I know first-hand, that what Marie teaches, works. I LOVE that she teaches how to be successful online in a super professional and relatable style.

As a partner for B-School, I will be offering a special package that includes a way to get personalized coaching from me while you go through the program at no additional cost. I will share that opportunity with you soon so stay tuned because I’m psyched to support you!!!

For now, carve out some time, grab your notebook and go here to start learning from Marie.

With love,


Coaches Corner: Jason Nazar : Lessons learned from a super successful entrepreneur

podcast img newListen in for a candid conversation about what it takes to be build a business, create a community and take action on a vision with Jason Nazar.

Jason is an active tech entrepreneur, investor, & writer & the CEO of Comparably, the online platform to understand workplace compensation & culture. Before Comparably, Jason founded Docstoc, the largest content site to help small business. Over 7 years Docstoc was one of the most visited websites in the world and grew to over 50 million members, before it was acquired by Intuit in 2013. Jason also created & hosts Startups Uncensored, the longest running and most widely attended technology gathering in SoCal. Jason received his JD/MBA from Pepperdine University & BA from UCSB where he was the student body president of both universities. He is currently serving as the Entrepreneur in Residence for the City of Los Angeles, appointed by Mayor Garcetti. He’s a frequent and popular writer on Forbes, Wall Street Journal & Business Insider. Jason currently serves on the board of Carelinx, Collab Studios, & Flo.

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EP 21: Are you a Mission Driven Leader or Entrepreneur?

ep 21 v1 (1)If you want to achieve lasting success you should be concentrating on the who, what and why of your business and let the how naturally unfold with time. Pursuing your business goals without a clear understanding of what makes you uniquely qualified to provide a service (your secret sauce) to a client doesn’t serve anyone. It only wastes time and energy until you have a clear vision.

So often new light workers and entrepreneurs have a list of how they are going to fix things,  step 1 is this and step 2 is that, but coaching is not about fixing people. People embody all the inner resources they need to heal themselves. Coaching is about listening to them from a place of compassion and love. Becoming your own best client and focusing on what you are giving to others is your purpose.

Becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy task. Fear and uncertainty may be causing you to stall and create blocks when you really just need to start sharing your gift with the world. Your gift holds great value. It is your business to know your value and quit working for free.

Today’s caller, Robby wants to start his coaching business but his vision isn’t clear. He is putting off getting clients until certain things are in place. Fear and uncertainty are suppressing his own inner guidance and creating blocks. We work to uncover his secret sauce and his why.

A good follow up to this episode is my next Coaches Corner – Standing in your Value.

For all of you Mission Driven Entrepreneurs out there – I am an affiliate and a supporter of Marie Forleo’s B-School. B-School is an 8-week video course which teaches smart, effective online marketing strategies. If you sign up for the program through my personal link, CH B-School,  I will gift you

  • Four 90 minute live group coaching calls for business and personal aspects
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • Four custom meditations and visualizations
  • Access to my online programs and courses
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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • What are you creating in your own life?
  • Are you clear about how you are uniquely qualified to do what you do?
  • What is the vision which pulls you toward what you are creating?
  • Does your ego hold you back every time you try to start?
  • Do you have a calling but are waiting for something to start?
  • Do you know which fears and beliefs may be holding you back?
  • Do you believe it’s your job to fix people, help people and care for people?

Robby ’s Question:

Robby is starting a coaching business. He believes becoming a coach will require him to be more extroverted. He is experiencing fear and uncertainty of moving forward and has created stalling techniques for himself.

Robby ’s Key Insights and Aha’s:

  • He is creating stalling techniques
  • He hasn’t taken action
  • He wants to get it right, he wants to be perfect
  • He is a good listener
  • He desires personal growth

How to get over it and on with it:

  • He should ask his intuition what is in the way
  • Bring the focus off of himself and make it about his clients
  • He should drop his high expectations and live his authenticity
  • Understand he is creating value for people
  • He needs to be his best client and keep working in himself

Tools and Takeaways:

  • Dive into your Secret Sauce by identifying the 3 qualities which describe you the most.
  • Get clear on your vision. What is your why?
  • Visualize yourself serving your clients
  • Be your own best client/customer


Christine Hassler B-School
Secret Sauce Mastermind
The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks


If you can drop your high expectations and need of perfection it will be easier to live authentically.
Before coaching sessions say God help me get out of my way and use me.
What is your secret sauce? What makes you uniquely qualified to do what you do?