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How to Stop Obsessing

Obsessing over something is the worst. When someone or something has pitched a tent and set up camp in your mind, it can be your own personal version of torture.

What can we do to stop the seemingly endless cycle of obsessive thinking?

What does NOT work is continuing to talk about whatever you are obsessing about. You probably know insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. You are making yourself insane by continuing to give valuable airtime to the subject of your obsession (and possibly driving the people you keep talking to about it crazy too!)

In today’s vlog I share with you two out-of-the-box strategies that will help eliminate obsessive thinking so you can start talking about the things that light you up rather than bring you down!

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It’s time to get over it!

My hunch is you are carrying around something that is very heavy and causes you unnecessary suffering.  This thing blocks you from the experiences and connections you desire. It weighs you down, holds you back and robs you of joy.

What is this dreadful thing I am talking about?

It is your story.

You see we all create a story about ourselves and the way life works for us based on experiences we have had.  And usually parts of this story are pretty negative. Common self-defeating and deflating story lines include: “I do not belong, I am not enough, life is hard, people are not trustworthy, everyone else is better, something is wrong with me, I am not deserving, I should be doing more, I need to make others happy, love is painful, etc.”

Super uplifting story lines, huh?

No! But I bet you can relate to a few of them.  You are not alone. Part of the old story I carried around for decades had to do with not belonging or being likable. This story stopped me from doing things in my life or made doing certain things miserable.

Over the weekend I attended my friend Gabby’s wedding and reflected upon how liberating it was not to carry around that old story that would have either prevented me from going to an event alone across the country; or, made the weekend unpleasant if I did go because of the tape from an old story playing in my head. Thank goodness that old story is out of syndication in my mind!

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