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Why you are not getting what you want

Take a moment to digest this:

Not getting what you want is actually what you truly want.

Read that statement again and let it sink in.

Allow me to explain….

We often consciously really really want something and do whatever we can to make it happen however keep finding ourselves without it.  Why? Well because some part of us really does NOT want it because on some level we are scared of having it.

I explain more about how fear blocks our deepest desires and teach you how to shift it in today’s vlog.

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A technique I use with my clients

Given that we are still riding the wave of the New Year and a lot of you have goals on your mind, I wanted to share one of the simplest yet most effective processes I use with my clients. Most of us are a bit flawed in how we pursue our goals. We think that setting intentions and taking steps toward them is enough, but it’s not. If you do not want to be left with a 2016 intention Expectation Hangover, I highly suggest you do this process.

I walk you through this transformational exercise in my vlog below.

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I feel stuck and fear I will not accomplish my goals

Last spring I received an email from a woman named Katherine that I’m guessing you might relate to.  Here’s what she said:

I feel stuck and fear I will not accomplish my goals. I feel like I am not living into my full potential.  Deep down I know that this incredible woman is within me, but for whatever reason I’m afraid of letting her out – or maybe I just don’t know how.  She is compassionate, joyful, and motivated by love, not fear. She takes care of her body and mind, and brings joy to everyone she knows. She does not worry or mope, she seizes the moment. She is confident and loves herself.  If I fully stepped into that person, I believe I would live up to more of my potential and follow my dreams. But I don’t know how.  I have done a lot of work on myself but can’t seem to get past a certain point.  Help!”

The first thing I told Katherine was that she is not alone. We have all felt stuck. We have all felt the pain of not living into our full potential.  We have all had things happen that we have a hard time getting over.

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EP 8: How to achieve dreams some may call “unrealistic”

Episode 8 working (1)I’m recording today from my home state of Texas. I love being here and spending time with my family, especially my two nephews. They live in a realm of never-ending possibilities and abundant curiosity. It’s refreshing.

Our call today is from Maya. Maya wonders if she should use her proven brute force tactics to manifest her dreams, but she understands it might not be the way to manifest this one.

Realizing that the mind doesn’t know the difference between a well-imagined thought and reality can help Maya start manifesting her dream right now. If she aligns her vibrations to her desires she will start to make choices which pull her closer to her dream.

So, how do we pursue our dreams and not get disappointed? How do we not experience an Expectation Hangover?

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