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EP 79: Stop Self-Sabotaging and Go For Your Goals with Drew

ep79v3This episode is about self-sabotage. Today’s caller, Drew, is an inspiring entrepreneur who has overcome odds such as being homeless and obesity but he is still getting in his own way.

I acknowledge Drew for being honest, real and raw during our call. He is a seeker who is committed to his growth. He truly believes he is worthy and is committed to shifting.

Often, we doubt ourselves because we haven’t made the changes we want, or haven’t achieved as much as we would like. The discomfort that comes from the feeling of not living into our potential, and the seeker who emerges from within us, are feedback to let us know we are well on our way. We do not optimize ourselves overnight. Part of living into our potential is feeling and dealing with the pain of not being there yet. It’s how we polish the diamond of our spirit.

The problem is we label it as suffering because it’s uncomfortable. What if feeling a desire to transform is a symptom of being a seeker? It’s important to keep going. You will eventually feel a shift. You will start feeling less pain and more purpose. Your focus will shift from yourself to your mission and vision. You will heal core wounds and let go of limiting beliefs. This will attract different things into your life.

What you do is not as important as how you do it. Allow your choices and subsequent actions to come from a place of self-love, acceptance, and service.

A podcast I did with my friend Aubrey on his podcast is a great supplemental resource to this session with Drew. We talked a lot about self-love, judgment, and the inner critic. The Aubrey Marcus Podcast #89 — Self-Love and Psychedelic Medicine.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Have you overcome huge obstacles, but still don’t feel over the hump, or are still facing large obstacles?
  • Do you feel like you have something to prove, and is it often the fuel that drives you?
  • Are your self-worth and self-love conditional?
  • Do you have an expectation to be strong and confident, but feel rejected on the inside?

Drew’s Question:

Drew would like to know how to stop self-sabotaging himself and how to find the strength to pursue and achieve his goals.

Drew’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • He knows he is not broken.
  • He feels he needs to prove himself.
  • He sees himself through a lens of judgment.
  • He puts conditions on his self-worth.
  • He has a huge, low ego.
  • He has felt invisible and rejected most of his life.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • He needs to create a daily practice around own his worth.
  • He needs to become a better friend to himself.
  • He should remove the conditions he puts on love, acceptance, and worthiness.
  • He needs to stop trying to prove himself.
  • He should use the Release Writing exercise in Expectation Hangover before meditating.
  • When he feels himself drifting into self-sabotage he should remind himself of his why, his worth, and his true value, and feel love.


  • Examine what is driving your behavior.
  • Write out your conditions of worthiness.
  • Write out new rules, or the truth about your worthiness.
  • Try a heart meditation. Allow love to fill your entire physical being.


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Why you are not getting what you want

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Not getting what you want is actually what you truly want.

Read that statement again and let it sink in.

Allow me to explain….

We often consciously really really want something and do whatever we can to make it happen however keep finding ourselves without it.  Why? Well because some part of us really does NOT want it because on some level we are scared of having it.

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A technique I use with my clients

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I feel stuck and fear I will not accomplish my goals

Last spring I received an email from a woman named Katherine that I’m guessing you might relate to.  Here’s what she said:

I feel stuck and fear I will not accomplish my goals. I feel like I am not living into my full potential.  Deep down I know that this incredible woman is within me, but for whatever reason I’m afraid of letting her out – or maybe I just don’t know how.  She is compassionate, joyful, and motivated by love, not fear. She takes care of her body and mind, and brings joy to everyone she knows. She does not worry or mope, she seizes the moment. She is confident and loves herself.  If I fully stepped into that person, I believe I would live up to more of my potential and follow my dreams. But I don’t know how.  I have done a lot of work on myself but can’t seem to get past a certain point.  Help!”

The first thing I told Katherine was that she is not alone. We have all felt stuck. We have all felt the pain of not living into our full potential.  We have all had things happen that we have a hard time getting over.

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