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A gratitude ritual and affirmation for you

I love the week of Thanksgiving here in the States! Cultivating a consciousness of gratitude is a MUST for anyone who is committed to living a fulfilling life. Plus, when we are aware of what we do have, we are a lot less inclined to obsess about all the things we don’t (and have fewer expectation hangovers!).

My personal gratitude practice consists of an evening gratitude ritual that I have done for years. Every night before I go to bed, I write a list of things that happened that day that I am particularly grateful for. Things like a rockstar parking spot, magical moments of serendipity, a fabulous meal, a laugh with a friend, or noticing an old pattern or trigger come up that offers me an opportunity to work my process. My gratitude journal is also a wonderful way to keep a diary of my life. I love looking back through it to reflect on past moments and celebrate lessons and blessings.

Now I’m sure you’ve heard the suggestion of keeping a gratitude list; however, are you actually doing it?

I assure you, it makes a huge difference. Dozing off with appreciation in your heart will positively impact your quality of sleep and the state you wake up in. So get yourself a journal and cuddle up with gratitude.

And for an extra dose of gratitude, I offer this affirmative prayer from my grateful heart to yours . . .

I’m grateful for everything in my life that has led me to this moment as it has all been part of my unique destiny. ((Tweet This!!))

I am grateful for all the people who I have met for a moment or known deeply for they have all been my mirror and my teachers.

I am grateful for all the times I have thought I have failed for I know now they taught me resilience.

I am grateful for all the heartache I’ve experienced because it means I am willing to open my heart.

I’m grateful for when I’ve had more because it taught me how to give and I’m grateful for when I’ve had less because it taught me how to receive.

I’m grateful for the miracles I experience in my life as they have reminded me of the magicalness of the Universe.

I am grateful for my body exactly the way it is because it is the absolutely perfect package for my soul.

I am grateful for all the various forms of abundance that I recognize in my life.

I am grateful for every tear I’ve shed because I’ve learned compassion.

I am grateful for every hurt I’ve experienced because I’ve learned forgiveness.

I am grateful for every time I’ve suffered because I’ve learned acceptance.

I am grateful for the times I have felt alone because in those moments I found my way back to my connection to the Uni-verse.

I am grateful for my gifts and my courage and willingness to express them.

I’m grateful to live with an open heart.

I’m grateful to be able to choose my response to anything.

I’m grateful for my freedom.

I’m grateful to love, be loved and BE LOVE.

Happy Thanksgiving. I am grateful for YOU.



P.S. Make sure to check out episode 115 where I coach Claire on vanquishing self-criticism and letting things go that no longer serve her, so she can get what she wants from life.
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EP 111: What Do I Want to Do Professionally with Montana


This episode is about making yourself a priority and living in the now. Today’s caller, Montana, is wondering what she should do professionally. She is waiting for something to happen instead of making it happen for herself.

We all have seasons in our lives. Our ability to travel to the past and the future in our minds may make us miss out on the present moment. When we are constantly thinking about what is next, we forget about what is now.

When our minds are in the future we are not honoring the season of the life we are in. Consider what season you are in. Are you honoring that season? When you take the time to honor the current season it is easier to leverage the learning opportunities and you will have a greater appreciation for the next season you are in.

Montana found it hard to make a clear choice because she has a fierce inner critic. Often times, clarity comes when we stop thinking about something or we get curious and try different things to get feedback.

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Montana’s Question:

Montana would like help navigating through her confidence issues with regards to her professional life.

Montana’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She will be spending the coming year at home with her child.
  • She longs to have a passion for what she is doing.
  • She feels like she always has to have it all together.
  • She was criticized instead of encouraged when she was younger.
  • She equated love with validation.
  • She should be grateful for where she is right now.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • She should accept the season of life she is in.
  • She should feel proud of herself and not make her self-love conditional.
  • Every night she should write down three things she is proud of herself for.
  • She should be curious about career possibilities.


  • If you are self-critical or had an overly critical parent, or parents, you need to reinforce the feeling of pride within yourself. Every night write three things you are proud of yourself for.
  • If you are confused about what to do professionally, reach out to people and request an informational interview.
  • Consider taking the What Do I Want To Do with My Life career course.
  • Enjoy the season you are in and live in the now!


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