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What does it take to be great?

What is greatness?

My friend Lewis Howes asked me that question on his podcast last year and as I thought about it, I shared that greatness is our natural state. We are all born great in that we are whole, complete and full of infinite potential.  But then things happen and we forget our greatness.  We slip into things like fear and doubt that create insecurity. Then we try to make up for where we feel not so great by achieving great things.

Achieving great things is not what makes us great.  Rather, they are a result of knowing greatness is our essence and then making choices that support that truth.  Making those choices is not always easy or even identify.  Most of us at some point wonder if there is more we could be doing with our lives – we just often don’t know where to start.

If you can relate to wanting to step into your greatness, you are not alone! I sat down with Lewis Howes about this topic because he is someone who has turned adversity into greatness.

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