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EP 136: Get Out of Your Head and Listen to Your Heart with Emma


This call is about is about getting out of your head and listening to your heart, especially after an Expectation Hangover like a divorce. This call with Emma is a great example of the struggles of someone who is stuck in their head and emotionally stressed. Her question is about gaining clarity and her next steps but she can’t get clarity as long as she stays suppressed.

It takes a lot of strength to stuff away our feelings but if we really want to hear our heart we have to be willing to be vulnerable. All of us have things from our past that were challenging and some even traumatizing. A huge part of getting on with the life we truly want is to get over the life we’ve had so far. We don’t do that by sweeping the past under the rug like Emma is attempting to do.

Why does suppressing emotions and sweeping our past under the rug create confusion? First, it takes a lot of energy to avoid your feelings. It makes it hard to relax and to listen to the voice of your intuition. Clarity, guidance, and insight come during quiet and relaxed states. If you are using energy suppressing or distracting yourself from feeling, or keeping busy and staying in your head, it’s difficult to hear your inner wisdom. Second, your higher self or soul wants you to wake up. It wants you to heal and feel. Often, the clarity on your next steps won’t be revealed until you heal.

If you relate to this call you need to let go of the belief that you can’t access your heart. Give yourself permission to make more heart-based choices. Stop telling yourself you can’t hear your heart or your intuition. If you keep telling yourself that you will keep believing it.

Also, if you can relate to putting walls around yourself to protect yourself know that it is also keeping love and connection out. Make it safe for yourself to start taking those walls down and become connected to your heart.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Are you confused, seeking clarity about something?
  • Do you feel blah — perhaps even depressed?
  • When difficult things happen, do you try to be strong and get over it?
  • Do you make decisions more with your head than with your heart?
  • How are you with your feelings? Do you actually feel them or do you rationalize them, get over them and hope they go away?

Emma’s Question:

Emma wants guidance about her next steps after a divorce.

Emma’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She split with her husband because they had different goals.
  • She made the decision not to have children.
  • She suppresses her feelings.
  • She makes decisions based on her head, not her heart.
  • She felt lonely as a child.
  • She’s not sure she knows what love is.
  • She feels that crying is bad.
  • She fears intimacy. 

How to get over it and on with it:

  • It’s time for her to make heart-based choices.
  • She should get Expectation Hangover and work through the emotional section.
  • She should work with a professional counselor.

Assignments and Takeaways:

  • Check out Equine Therapy.
  • Get out of your head and stop trying to figure things out!
  • Acknowledge if you are a suppressor. Consider getting a coach and getting a guide or a counselor.
  • Start journaling every day or talking to other people about your feelings. Get involved in something that helps you shift your energy.
  • Give yourself permission to take a vacation from trying to figure things out.


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Scott Stabile is the author of Big Love: The Power of Living with a Wide Open Heart. His positive outlook and the inner and outer experiences he shares in Big Love offer striking examples of the power of love in action. Whether trying (as we all must) to silence shame, show up for friends, or overcome dreaded what-ifs, the hard-won insights that Scott shares are sure to help us do so with a renewed sense of love.

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