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Coaches Corner: Holistic Healing, De-tox and Self-Care with Naturopath and Nutritionist Kate Reardon

podcast img newListen in to a talk with me and one of my soul sisters (who lives in Bali) as we talk about optimal health. If you have ever done (or want to do) a cleanse or detox, this is a MUST listen.  Kate also shares about her own journey as a healer and the importance of learning boundaries and self-care.  Be sure to listen to the end because Kate leads us through an AWESOME guided mediation to connect more deeply to your intuition.

A bit more about Kate:

Kate Reardon has two Bachelor Degrees in Health Science specializing in Complementary Medicine, Naturopathyand Nutritional Medicine.

But early on in clinical practice she knew she was never going to be your typical Naturopath or Nutritionist…

You see she has a very strong intuition that allows her access to see, feel and know things about people that they often cannot see within themselves. This ‘gift’, which she has had since childhood (yep she’s been communicating with the spirit world a long time), has brought her enormous blessings and challenges throughout her life.

She LOVES being able to infuse all of this together. Her work as a Naturopath and Nutritionist is deeply rooted in a holistic approach that aims to heal the body from the core cellular level. And her intuitive metaphysical channeling work incorporates healing on emotional and spiritual levels; therefore her approach to health and wellness encompasses a direct acknowledgement of the ‘whole’ person – mind, body, spirit.

Connect with Kate or learn more: http://katereardon.com.au/

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