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My heart is bursting open and I want to tell you why

I do not have children of my own (yet) but this week I feel like a proud parent! You see this past weekend I got to witness 12 extraordinary people embody their unique mission and create kickass results!!!

Who are these people? They are the courageous souls who said YES to their unique purpose by enrolling in Secret Sauce, my six-month business training and mastermind program.

We are only 3 months through our half-year journey and the internal and external shifts people have created are seriously blowing my mind.

Rather than read my words about the program, I wanted you to hear directly from the people who are actually experiencing Secret Sauce and give you the opportunity to apply now for 2017. Imagine that next year at this time, it is your quote about your success that I’m sharing!

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What makes learning something new either easy or frustrating

Learning anything new can either be incredibly exciting or really frustrating depending on how you approach it . . .

As kids we learn very easily because we have beginners mind and less of an ego. When you were learning how to walk and talk, you weren’t concerned with making mistakes or keeping up with the other kids. But then as you got older, learning may have become more difficult. Maybe you were told you weren’t smart. Or compared yourself to how quickly others learned. Or put tons of pressure on yourself to learn fast and be the best.

The older we get the more difficult learning becomes. And it has zero to do with age and 100% to do with how we approach learning. I had a personal epiphany about this on the ski slopes in Utah this past weekend that I share about in today’s vlog.

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