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EP 106: Get Over Your Money Blocks with Doreen


This episode is about abundance, prosperity, and how to overcome blocks to getting your financial life to where it feels healthy. I coach today’s caller, Doreen, on breaking some limiting beliefs around money and shifting her spending and earning patterns.

As children, when we see our parents struggle we often make a vow or promise to ourselves that we will never end up in the same situation. We need to recognize that we manifested the intention, then explore the lessons from it. Then, shift to the next level of putting new beliefs and behaviors into place. Change your orientation from self-improvement to self-upgrades or up-leveling.

If you are a coach it’s important to stretch your clients but not until they snap. Be sensitive to where they are and give them a step that is reasonable and realistic, like I did with Doreen around energetically releasing her mother from her care.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Do you feel you have blocks or issues when it comes to money?
  • Do you have a lot of debt?
  • Do you quickly spend what you have and sabotage your financial success?
  • Is it hard for you to ask for what you are worth and is it hard to receive?
  • Do you feel guilty when you have money?
  • Do you believe it is possible to shift your relationship with money?

Doreen’s Question:

Doreen would like to manifest financial abundance into her life.

Doreen’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She may be following in her parent’s financial footsteps.
  • She wants to be taken care of.
  • She doesn’t want to be like her mother.
  • She feels guilty that she is doing better than her mother.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • She needs to parent herself about where true safety comes from.
  • She should write a letter to her mother she doesn’t intend to send, about her relationship to money.
  • She should make a list of her new belief system about earning, money, and what she wants to create.
  • She should stop parenting her mother.
  • She should focus on herself and stop playing small.


  • Consider if there were any vows you made to yourself as a child such as “I will never be like that” and look at what it is creating in your life. Do those vows need to be re-negotiated?
  • If there’s someone you need to break energetic ties to, write them a letter you never mail, stating what you are no longer taking on.
  • If you want to up your financial IQ I recommend you read The Abundance Book, The Science of Getting Rich and Money: A Love Story.


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Christy Whitman on Coaches Corner

The Abundance Book, by John Randolph Price

The Science of Getting Rich: How to make money and get the life you want,
by Wallace Wattles

Money: A Love Story: Untangle Your Financial Woes and Create the Life You Really Want, by Kate Northrup


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Coaches Corner: How to Create More Money with Christy Whitman

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If you struggle with your finances or would like more money, then you’ll love my conversation with another master coach, Christy Whitman. She is a Transformational Leader, Celebrity Coach and the New York Times Bestselling Author of The Art of Having It All.

Christy is the CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Learning Academy & Quantum Success Coaching Academy, a 12-month Law of Attraction coaching certification program. Christy has helped thousands of people worldwide to achieve their goals through her empowerment seminars, speeches, coaching sessions and products.

In this episode, we talk about her new training program that will teach you how you’re unconsciously blocking more moolah from coming into your life, 3 easy steps to become a money magnet, and the #1 thing you should do next to become a deliberate creator of financial abundance.

GO HERE TO LEARN MORE: https://christywhitman.isrefer.com/go/cmpguide/chassler/

Once you shift your relationship with money, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your financial success can change!!!!

And if you are interested in learning more about the personal chef I mentioned in the opening, go here: http://www.cheflizzparker.com/

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Coaches Corner: Worth It: Your Life, Your Money, Your Terms with Amanda Steinberg

media_Amanda SteinbergChristine talks to Amanda about how to shift your relationship with money so that you can get out of debt and/or over spending and build a secure financial foundation. This is a must listen for anyone who wants to be more prosperous.

More about Amanda . . .

Amanda Steinberg launched DailyWorth in 2009 to bring a fresh voice and an outsider’s perspective to personal finance. Today, DailyWorth’s newsletter reaches more than 1 million subscribers.

In 2015, she started digital investing service, WorthFM, which received front-page coverage in The New York Times Business section

Oprah selected her to the exclusive SuperSoul 100, and Forbes named her one of 21 New American Money Masters. Amanda has also appeared on GMA, Today, CNN, and MSNBC.

She’s also the author of Worth It: Your Life, Your Money, Your Terms released in February 2017.


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Money: A Love Story

Money. What happens for you when you think about it? Do you feel relaxed and abundant? Or stressed, restricted, upset and anxious?

All of us have a relationship with money and it is important to have a healthy one since it is a necessary part of our lives. For those of us on a spiritual path, there can often be a misunderstanding that “money shouldn’t matter” but it does.

In my twenties, my relationship with money was unhealthy. I was in a lot of debt and “I can’t afford” was my go-to excuse for everything I wanted but did not have. I had a lot of limiting beliefs around having to work really hard for money and thought that my source of security lied in a steady paycheck. My fear around money was the #1 thing that kept me in a job I hated.

Healing my limiting beliefs around money was a big part of my personal development. I shifted everything about how I spend, save and even talk about money.

Is your relationship with money healthy, thriving and contributing positively to all aspects of your life?

We can have tons of judgments of ourselves if we can’t seem to get our finances together. Struggling with money can be a huge source of pain and continual stress. To get rid of all the baggage you have around your finances, you have to unpack your belief systems about money.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of the BEST experts I know on how to update your beliefs so you can have a healthy and abundant relationship with money, my friend Kate Northrup. In this interview, we talked about her new book Money: A Love Story.

Kate shared that her story about getting out of debt by healing her relationship with money. Her big “aha” came when she realized her lack of financial awareness and prosperity was a direct reflection of how she kept herself small and did not love herself. She began to see that if she could marry financial awareness with self-love and taking care of herself. As she did so, she was empowered to take action steps and shifted all aspects of her life for the better. Her money love story is the inspiration for her amazing work today.

Take 30 minutes to watch this interview, it is an awesome investment!! Kate gives LOTS of practical tips.

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