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EP 68: Overcoming Self Doubt and Fear with Anneke

EP68v1 (1)Listen in as I coach Anneke on putting her self doubt behind her so she can make the career changes she longs for by tapping into her unique gifts.  It is important we all take time to look at the gifts we were born with. They are the gifts that lead to your calling, and the gifts that make you, you. Often, we disconnect from our gifts and the truth of who we are. It is when we are too paralyzed and blinded by self-doubt that we forget about and disconnect from our natural gifts.

This call with Anneke was the first episode of the Over and On With It podcast. This session stands out for me because we explored the question, “Who am I?” and because of the level of vulnerability Anneke shared.

Remember, we get to choose who we are. Not being who we are can be suffocating. We are not defined by other people’s views of us. We are all born with natural gifts from the divine. It’s up to us to embrace them and use them.

After listening to this call I welcome you to revisit and complete the ‘Who am I?’ essence exercise from my introductory episode, The Why Behind this Podcast.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Do you feel like you are really living authentically?
  • Are you fully expressing who you are, or are you being a version of yourself?
  • Do you struggle with loneliness?
  • Are you in touch with your emotions?
  • Are you concerned about what other people think of you?

Anneke’s Question:

Anneke is about to make a big career change and would like to know how to be open and honest about who she really is, and to shift from her pattern of keeping herself small and not seen.

Anneke’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • Acknowledging she sugarcoats her difficult emotions.
  • She doesn’t want to be a burden on others.
  • Loneliness has been her friend, because it’s when she gives herself a break.
  • It’s ok for other people not to like it when she is her authentic self.
  • Recognizing she is staying in her comfort zone, because those emotions are familiar.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • Try taking actions to trust yourself and be consistently authentic.
  • Don’t compare yourself to other people, embrace your own essence.
  • Be willing to remember the essence of who you truly are.
  • Invite spirit into your space.
  • Practice self-forgiveness.
  • Don’t be defined by what other people have told you about you.

Assignments and Takeaways:

  • Write out who you are, what is your unique essence? Then, for 30 days get in front of a mirror and make ‘I am’ statements with your answers.
  • Pick 2‒3 people to practice intimacy and authenticity with.
  • Write a thank you letter to loneliness for giving you time alone.


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The key to overcoming anything

We all have issues or expectation hangovers in our lives we need to overcome and heal.

But how do we do it?

Well, the key to healing is how we relate to the issue . . .

We can choose to be a victim and wallow in pity. Or we can allow shame and judgment to rule our lives and block us from truly bringing what we judge as dark into the light so we can heal it. Or we can choose to hang on to our issue because it makes us feel special or gets us attention (that’s a sneaky tactic so be honest with yourself about that one!). Or perhaps we believe our problem is insurmountable and even though we feel we have tried everything to get over it, we don’t think we ever can.

Or we can move into 100% acceptance of whatever it is we are facing and take responsibility for our own healing, growth, and change.

Last week on the podcast I coached Jeanette who is feeling not enough and struggles with an eating disorder she adopted in her early teens. We talk about the payoff she is getting from continuing to have this struggle, which is preventing her freedom from it.

Listen in here.

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Get out of your house! Tips for overcoming social anxiety

I got so much feedback from last week’s blog about overcoming self-consciousness that I wanted to share a little more on this topic.

Today let’s look at social anxiety – from mild to severe.

Why do we get so anxious? And how do we shift it?

I answer these questions in the video.

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EP 38: Social Anxiety: How to Overcome It for Good

EP38v1The number one reason social anxiety is so painful is because it reinforces the illusion of separation. We are all connected, we are all one but we live in a world which makes this so hard to remember. The illusion of separation starts when we are young and we get teased or separated based on our grades, behavior or gender. It continues through our lives and makes us feel not part of something.

Understanding that you are not alone, you are not separate and you are no less than anyone else is imperative to your emotional well-being and health. But, it’s not always easy. Some of us have painful experiences from our past that make social situations and making friends harder. Not everyone is an extrovert and for some people walking into a place where they don’t know anyone is like hell on earth. Remember, all people need friends and a soul family. Accept that about yourself and don’t use being introverted as an excuse not to go out and connect.

The more you stop worrying about what others think and just show up authentically, the easier it will be to connect and the more your social anxiety will dissolve.  People are people, not big scary monsters. The next time you go to an event, have some questions in mind you can ask people beyond “How are you doing?” or “What do you do?”

In today’s coaching session with Jenna, we explore why she is feeling social anxiety and isn’t able to maintain long-lasting friendships. And, I share why I was guided to coach her in a way that would shake her up a bit.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Do you suffer from social anxiety? Do you dread just thinking about going to an event or initiating a conversation?
  • Is making friends challenging?
  • Do you want more friends?
  • Are you frustrated because you want to change something but just can’t seem to change it?
  • Would you like to feel more connected in your life? Are you honest with yourself about why you keep yourself separate?

Jenna’s Question:

Jenna is frustrated over her inability to get over her social anxiety and is looking for guidance on how she can move past it.

Jenna’s Key Insights and Aha’s:

  • She may be triggered by feelings of rejection from her mother
  • She believes there is something wrong with her
  • She realizes that people aren’t thinking about her as much as she thinks they are
  • She has all the ingredients she needs to be a friend and to connect

How to get over it and on with it:

  • She has to stop making things about her
  • She should practice being invested and connected to other people
  • She should write down the reasons why she is a great friend and read it every day
  • She can be honest and simply ask for a friendship
  • She should tell herself a different story

Reminders and Suggestions:

  • People are not thinking about you as much as you think they are.
  • Remember people are people. They are not big scary monsters.
  • Focus on what you can give. Think about all the amazing things you can bring to a friendship.
  • A connection to your higher power is critical.


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