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How to Trust Yourself

Is there a decision you are struggling with? Is there something you want to do but you just are not 100% sure if you should?

If your answer is yes, how would it feel if I gave you permission to make the choice you want to make but are scared to?

My guess is you would feel relief. But then you would question that relief with what if’s like:

What if I hurt someone? What if I fail? What if it isn’t the “right” decision? What if people don’t agree?

All these what if’s are keeping you in limbo. They are keeping you a prisoner of fear. They are reinforcing a limiting belief that other people’s feelings or expectations are more important than your TRUTH.

In today’s vlog I talk about how to stop doubting and start trusting yourself. Be sure to watch because this is a VERY important topic if you want to live into your full potential.

One of the most common patterns I’ve seen in over a decade of being a coach is people seeking me out for clarity about a decision. Almost 100% of the time, they already know the answer. They are just looking for someone to give them reassurance and permission.

But it’s not my job (or anyone else’s) to give you permission. What is my job as a coach is to guide you back to trusting your intuition. YOU are the boss of your life!! You can trust your intuition even if it does not always make sense or feels scary. 

It is time to stop running to other people for answers! Believe me, I understand how hard that is especially when it comes to BIG decisions. In the vlog I share an example of a biggie decision in my life that involved a pretty awesome move from my Dad so be sure to watch.

Remember:  You cannot develop self-trust without action.  Sitting in indecision just reinforces self-doubt and anxiety (Tweet this!). The minute you make a choice, you are back in action and you feel free. Worst-case scenario is there may be an expectation hangover but then you just pivot, learn and adjust. But paralysis by analysis just keeps you stuck!

What do you need to give yourself permission to do? Head on over to the blog and comment so I can cheer you on!!

I believe in you! I trust you! It’s time for you to trust you.

With love,


p.s. Did you catch my podcast this week? I coach Montana on how to put herself first in order to figure out what she wants to do professionally. Go here to listen

EP 102: How to Know if it’s Time to Leave a Relationship with Renae


This episode is about making self-serving decisions. Today’s caller, Renae, is married, and questioning whether or not her marriage has reached its expiration date. As you can hear in the call, Renea intuitively knows what she should do but she needs to be empowered so she can take action.

Do all relationships where one person is on the growth path, and the other person isn’t, have an expiration date? Not necessarily. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to know when it’s time to leave a relationship. When there is abuse, addiction, or toxic behavior, or the other person is unwilling to invest in the relationship, you have to be honest about why you are still in this type of relationship, and whether it is really serving your highest good.

When it is time to evaluate a relationship, or when it’s time to end it, be honest with yourself and listen to your intuition. You may already know the answer. When we seek counsel with others, we want to hear from someone else what we may already know. Sometimes we are looking for someone to give us permission.

If you are a parent who feels they may have messed up their kids, your fear is not helping you or them. What does help is to help them learn how to make self-honoring decisions. You should start equipping them with the personal development tools and mindset to help them break generational patterns, and to not personalize the situation. Children shouldn’t feel that anything was their fault.

And, actions speak louder than words. We must give someone the dignity of the process but honor our own boundaries. Don’t be a victim. Consider Al-Anon, and find other people you can connect to. Don’t bond over wounds, but find other people who understand your background. It will help empower you.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Are you questioning your current relationship? Are you in, or did you grow up in, an abusive environment?
  • Do you know what to do, but wish someone would give you permission to do it? Have you been attempting to change someone else, but realize the most important person to focus on right now is yourself?

Renae’s Question:

Renae wants to know if she should stay in her current long-term relationship.

Renae’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She grew up in an environment of physical and verbal abuse.
  • Her husband is verbally abusive to her and her children.
  • She doesn’t focus on herself.
  • Her 15-year-old daughter wants her to get a divorce.
  • She’s afraid to make the wrong decision.
  • She recognizes she needs to change her life and to give her kids a different environment.
  • She’s known what to do, but needed validation to move forward.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • She needs to make a decision to break patterns and to change things.
  • She needs to start documenting abuse.
  • She needs to stop beating herself up, and practice self-love and self-care.
  • She needs to believe in herself, and give herself positive encouragement.


  • If you are questioning your relationship, ask yourself, “What is this relationship teaching me? What patterns do I need to complete? Could it be time to go? What do I need to do to make a shift?
  • If you are a parent, and feel that your children have seen things in your life or marriage that have been tough and they are struggling, get them help! You can’t be their therapist, counselor, or coach. They may need an objective person they can talk to, and to give them new tools.
  • My Inner Circle community can be a great place to find the love and support from people who know what you are feeling.


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Are you waiting for permission?

Hola! I recently got back from Colombia and since this was a spontaneous trip, I had every intention of working on the trip because I’ have got some cool things in the works! (Stay tuned for some big news in a few weeks!)

So, the commitment I made to give myself “permission” to go on the trip was that I’d work while I was there. But that didn’t exactly happen. I ran into Wi-Fi issues that made it impossible to download things I needed to work on. And then again due to technology issues I couldn’t get on a call with my entire team which frustrated all of us and slowed things down. Two days into the trip I quickly realized I had two choices: either continue to be frustrated and try to make things work OR move into acceptance.

I chose the latter by giving myself another permission slip to actually take some time off and just enjoy myself in Colombia. I have learned that the Universe has a flow to it and when I fight for my will over thy will, I usually lose.

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