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There’s something special about you…

I want to tell you how incredible you are. You have a very special secret sauce that is unique to you. And when you tap into it, you’ll truly live into your pure potential.

I want to help you do that.

So, I created FREE special training videos designed to help you clarify your secret sauce and use it to overcome whatever fears might be preventing you from living into your greatness.

This special training is for you if you’ve ever considered:

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My heart is bursting open and I want to tell you why

I do not have children of my own (yet) but this week I feel like a proud parent! You see this past weekend I got to witness 12 extraordinary people embody their unique mission and create kickass results!!!

Who are these people? They are the courageous souls who said YES to their unique purpose by enrolling in Secret Sauce, my six-month business training and mastermind program.

We are only 3 months through our half-year journey and the internal and external shifts people have created are seriously blowing my mind.

Rather than read my words about the program, I wanted you to hear directly from the people who are actually experiencing Secret Sauce and give you the opportunity to apply now for 2017. Imagine that next year at this time, it is your quote about your success that I’m sharing!

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Ambition vs. Inspiration: Which will you choose?

I’ve been thinking a lot about ambition lately. Focus, drive, and perseverance are all admirable qualities. But they also require a lot of energy and hard work.

What if it could be a lot easier?

What if you could pull opportunities toward you – attract them in – instead of always push, push, pushing to get the results you want?

Well, good news… you can. The first step to shifting away from ambition alone and relying more on inspiration to create what you want is clarifying your purpose.

Some people call it your why. I like to call it your ‘for the sake of’.

In this free Secret Sauce video, I’ll walk you through how you can clarify your personal ‘for the sake of’ and tap into profound inspiration to step into your most purposeful work.

This video is part of my special Secret Sauce training series, and it’s my gift to you.

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