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EP142: Upgrade Your Perspective of Self Worth with Mickey


This call is about is about shifting your perspective and living the life you want to live. Today’s caller, Mickey, feels she can never quite reach success. She has done a bit of self-development work but is still bumping up against low self-worth issues and the belief that she is not good enough. Sometimes, the bigger the consumer of personal growth, the bigger the critic of one’s progress.

It helps to get some altitude on our past and on our life so we can get a different, more expansive view of things. Our soul evolves in many lifetimes. We come back each time with a certain curriculum of what we are here to learn. The only way to learn what we need is to experience the contrast. Look at your life as a school. We are all here to learn and grow. Everything that happens, happens for us, because it sets up the soul lesson that is helpful to our evolution.

It is incredibly common that when we are ready to know about and face an issue, the right information, teachers, and healers show up.

And, being an Empath is a gift, but taking on people’s things and wanting to fix them, save them, or solve something is not empathic. It’s the ego part of us that wants to feel like we are helping people. The empath part of us feels, is sensitive, and has compassion. Don’t confuse empathy with your ego’s desires. You are not here to save the world.

We can’t save ourselves by helping others. We have to become students and apply the same guidance, support, and insight we give to others, to ourselves. Often, people who have done a lot of personal development work believe they should know better.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Do you experience an ongoing sense of looking at other peoples lives that seem to be working out brilliantly and are wondering what you are doing “wrong”?
  • Is low self-worth something you can relate to?
  • Are you good at teaching self-love and personal development but you find embodying the principles challenging?
  • Have you ever or are you now in a relationship with a narcissist?

Mickey’s Question:

Mickey wants to know how to get over her feeling of being held back from success.

Mickey’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She has done a lot of personal growth work.
  • Her parents considered abortion before she was born.
  • She feels not good enough.
  • She is a coach.
  • She hides her heart from other people.
  • She sources her self-worth through others.
  • She collects evidence that she is not worthy.
  • She needs to change her perspective about her worth. 

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • She needs to get rid of the story that she is not good enough.
  • She needs to get a little more selfish.
  • She needs to write out her belief systems and reframe them.
  • She needs to change her perception from fear to love.

Assignments For You:

  • If you have issues tied to pre-birth or infancy, put out to the universe that you are ready for a skilled specialist to help you with it.
  • When it comes to your soul curriculum, upgrade your perspective and create a miracle by shifting your perception.
  • Have a beginner’s mind. Re-read one of your favorite personal growth books. Listen to my previous podcasts again.
  • Get congruent with your work and your finances. If you are always giving more of what you preach to others than to yourself find balance.


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EP 60: Feel Self-Worth and Acceptance Even When You Want to Change Something About Yourself (Like Your Physical Appearance or Weight) with Gabby

EP60v1Are you hard on yourself, especially when it comes to your appearance? Do you do something, and then immediately wish you had done it differently? Many of us allow our inner critics to expend energy on low-frequency, physically exhausting, nasty, self-defeating self-talk. You may not realize it, but your self-talk influences the way other people receive you. If you are happy and filled with self-acceptance, you send out a good vibe. If you are negative or hard on yourself, you can suck the life right out of the room.

Today’s caller, Gabby, is struggling with her weight and self-worth. She is clinging to the away-from-motivation of ‘if only I this,’ and ‘if only I that,’ instead of using toward-motivation, to get what she really wants.

During the call, Gabby’s energy shifts as soon as we discuss creativity and connection. This toward-motivation practice allows her to focus her energy on what she wants to bring into her life, instead of what she wants to move away from. This practice is sustainable, because she is focusing her energy on a positive outcome instead of a negative one.

Obsessing about appearance and weight is a waste of energy. If weight is something you struggle with read my book, Expectation Hangover, and:

  • Find a new way to soothe yourself.
  • Get a new way to feed your soul.
  • Commit and take actions towards your commitments.
  • Stop making your weight mean something negative about you.

You are enough. You are lovable. You can change and heal anything in your life.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Are you making your self-worth and acceptance conditional?
  • Do you struggle with body image issues? Has losing weight been a constant theme in your life?
  • Does fear of rejection haunt you? Does it keep you from taking risks?
  • What are the sneaky ways you’re being selfish in your life?

Gabby’s Question:

Gabby has felt rejected a lot lately and would like to know how she can not worry so much about what others think.

Gabby’s Key Insights and Aha’s:

  • She feels undesirable and fears she is not good enough.
  • She has body image issues.
  • Food is her only source of pleasure.
  • She is self-obsessed.
  • She is jeopardizing her relationships by making everything about her.
  • She may be attracting rejection into her life when she does, because of her self-rejection.
  • She hasn’t asked God to love and support her in dealing with her issue.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • She should stop waiting for external validation to find her confidence.
  • She should realize she is not alone in how she feels.
  • She should create a joy and creativity plan for herself.
  • She should be present, curious, and connected in an authentic way.
  • She could ask God for assistance in letting go of her obsession with her weight.

Assignments and Takeaways:

  • If there is something you want to shift in your life, make a list of your ‘toward’ motivations.
  • Make a list of what you are committed to, and get an accountability partner.
  • Take on a role to shift your confidence, and change the way you see yourself.
  • Pray for help with your growth. Ask for help in making the shifts in knowing who you truly are.


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EP 23: How Your Self Worth Impacts Your Net Worth

ep 23 v1Criticism seems to have the stickiness factor of super glue and compliments seem to be coated in oil. We allow hurtful things to play over and over in our heads like a broken record, especially when the recording came from a parent or an authority figure.

We create patterns out of the programming we receive when we are very young. These patterns stay with us throughout our lives until we reprogram ourselves. We can default to these patterns when dealing with situations and we tend to sabotage ourselves with fear instead of motivating ourselves with affirmations. We treat ourselves as others have treated us, instead of how we want to be treated.

If you have a vision to impact other people’s lives, make sure you have saved yourself and let down your own walls first. In order to be transparent, authentic and true, you should become your own best client. How you do anything is how you do everything.

Today’s conversation with Rich is a lesson in how not to be a victim. Rich has wanted to create a deep emotional impact in people’s lives for some time. He started his own coaching practice over a year ago, and is finding it difficult to deal with the pressure, from his family, to provide for his soon-to-be bride.

For a refresher on this topic, listen to my How to Drop Your Story Coaches Corner. I release my new Coaches Corner episodes every Saturday.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Are you suffering because you cannot identify your purpose? Is there a person in your life who is struggling to find their purpose? Do you push them to find their purpose or try to find it for them?
  • Do you feel worthy and deserving inside? Does your self-confidence or lack thereof, impact your results?
  • Is someone else’s voice inside your head? Do you need to banish it?

Rich’s Question:

Rich would like to know how to get over his fear and anxiety to follow through with his goal of becoming a coach. He wants to overcome his limiting beliefs from his past, which may be blocking his future success.

Rich’s Key Insights and Aha’s:

  • He doesn’t feel worthy or deserving
  • He has fear-based influences
  • His anger and sadness have never been fully released
  • His biggest blocks are his beliefs and unresolved hurts

How to get over it and on with it:

  • Rich should forgive himself and his stepfather
  • He needs to find his fire and his passion
  • He should work past his fear of rejection
  • He can coach himself through this issue

Tools and Takeaways:

  • Write down your limiting beliefs and figure out who owns the voice
  • Move into compassion for anyone who programmed your thoughts
  • Write a letter to give an unwelcome belief back to the person who gave it to you
  • Be honest about the emotional walls you have put up and be committed to taking them down
  • Set two chairs up and carry out your own therapy session


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Do you internalize someone else’s judgment about you?
Has someone given you an unwelcome belief about yourself? Write a letter and give it back to them.
Coaches – be your best client before heading out on your mission to make an impact in other people’s lives.


p.s. Would you like a behind the scenes look into all of my lifehacks? The
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