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I got the boot!

Yup. I got the boot – both literally and metaphorically. I’ll explain . . .

About three weeks ago while I was still in Australia I woke up and could barely walk on my right foot. Being the active (and sometimes stubborn) person that I am, I did not let it stop me from walking or exercising. I assumed it was something that would get better and was in complete denial that I could be injured.

Then a week went by. The pain and swelling intensified so much so that it woke me up at 3am! Fortunately, my inner wisdom reminded me that one of my best friends in Australia has a wife who is a podiatrist. She came over the next day and confirmed that I was injured.

Expectation hangover! I have dealt with quite a lot of physical things this year, and to say that I am over feeling uncomfortable and limited in my body is an understatement. So after an X-ray confirmed it was indeed a stress fracture (caused by walking too much in flip-flops and running barefoot on uneven sand), I will admit I was really sad.

Of course I realize it could be much worse, but as in any moment of an expectation hangover, I have learned (and now teach), that honoring our natural emotions arising in the situation is important. Skipping to the “sliver lining” too soon is a form of emotional suppression, which in the short term may feel good but is not a healthy way of coping.

So I had a good cry and laid around my Airbnb for a day (which just happened to be in Byron Bay one of the most beautiful and walk-able beach cities in Australia) because I had to be off my foot for 24 hours.

Next I had to move into acceptance, which is CRUCIAL when dealing with any expectation hangover. Acceptance does not mean we like what is happening, rather it just means we stop wishing it were different. We accept what we cannot change and focus on what we can.

The only thing I could change was my attitude and my actions. I decided to rent a car so I could get around. I got an orthopedic shoe until I could get back to Sydney and get my boot. I asked for more help and more help was generously given to me, some without my even asking – like a super cute Aussie fireman carrying me to the beach and into the ocean so I could go for a swim.

However in full transparency, keeping an upbeat attitude has been a bit challenging and
here’s why . . .

I love to MOVE. I value exercise so much and not just for keeping me physically fit but also for what it does for my mindset. Not being able to sweat and move around like I usually do really affected my mood. I felt blah and irritable! Also, being in a boot completely threw off my alignment so my tailbone, hips, spine, and neck have been totally off. My whole body was in pain, not just my foot.

I am sharing this with you for two very important reasons! My message today is a bit of a PSA. I am on my soapbox but I only get on my soapbox when I 100% believe that what I am encouraging you to do matters.

Reason #1: If you suffer from any kind of depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, or just overall blah feeling you need to MOVE. We live way too much of a sedentary life and our brains rely on endorphins from movement. Find a form of movement you like and make the time to exercise. Even getting your heart rate up for 20 minutes creates massive benefits! No excuses.

Reason #2: Get your body in alignment. Driving, sitting at a computer, carrying around children, traveling, sleeping in a weird position, and even working out with poor form are just some of the ways we throw our spine and neck out of alignment. When we are out of alignment it also affects our brain as well as other organs in the body. I see people running from doctor to doctor with pain or medical problems that could be solved by seeing a really good chiropractor, osteopath or physical therapist. Now you may say that is too expensive but what will cost you more are health problems down the road.

Out of my top 5 core values, health is #1 because if I do not have that, the other ones are impossible to live out. I have always known exercise and alignment are important. Now that I have personally experienced the consequences of when those things are not in place, I am even more emphatic about making exercise and alignment a priority!

And even when we do (like I have for nearly 20 years), life happens. Injuries are not possible to avoid completely so when we experience one, we must listen to what our body needs and is attempting to tell us. The message I got from my foot is that I need to step forward in certain areas of my life. There have been ways I have been stalling, staying in things that are not for my highest good, and not stepping fully into things that support me. My body also needed a bit of a break (forgive the pun) from moving around so much. Since February 1st, I have not spent more than 10 nights in one place.

Message received. Thank you, right foot.

Now that I am back in San Diego and have been grounded for a bit, while stepping forward in the areas I need to, my foot is getting better. I intend to be out of the boot by the end of this week and know the power of our bodies to heal. That said, I am not trying to be any kind of hero through this. I want total healing and will not rush it even though I am DYING to get back to my regular workouts.

I appreciate your well wishes. So many of you have reached out to me via social media so thank you. Like any expectation hangover, this is ultimately a blessing. I am not sure when I will be back to my regular routine but I am 100% certain that I will never take my ability to move for granted again.

I hope this message motivates you to get moving and take even better care of your body. It’s the only one you’ve got – be kind to it and do not take it for granted.

Much love,


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EP 123: Being Strong is Overrated with Kelsey

EP123v2This episode is about surrender. Kelsey feels blocked financially and is looking for advice on how to get unstuck when it comes to her dead-end job and finances. We don’t actually end up talking about either of those things. We delve into her underlying patterns caused by her not feeling safe.

All of us experience not feeling safe in some way and we make ourselves feel safe in different ways. We may outsource it through relationships with other people, maybe we overwork ourselves to make a lot of money or we attempt to be in control of everything in our lives.

Resilience is important but make sure you don’t do it by means of suppression. We must be willing to feel, acknowledge, and heal old wounds. Being a victim or feeling sorry for ourselves is not what emotional processing is about. We can truly heal and liberate ourselves from anything but we must be willing to deal with what ‘is’ our life.

To create change in your life you must create a feeling of internal safety.

I am headed to Australia. If you would like to be part of a half-day intensive, a session with me or life coach mastery and business training, email Jill@ChristineHassler.com.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Are you struggling with finances or a job you hate?
  • Do you relate to being strong and believe you have to be strong? Do you relish the fact that others acknowledge you for being strong?
  • What does vulnerability mean to you? Is it a weakness?
  • Are you an overachiever, control freak or type ‘A’ personality? Do you feel safer when you are in control?
  • How are you at surrendering? How are you just letting go and trusting that things will just work out?

Kelsey’s Question:

Kelsey feels blocked financially and would like to know how she can build wealth again.

Kelsey’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She is afraid to slow her life down.
  • She has created compensatory strategies to make herself feel safe.
  • She beats herself up over her choices.
  • She does personal growth work.
  • She feels like she’s a burden to others.
  • She is neglecting her emotional needs.
  • She doesn’t have to prove her worth to anyone.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • She should take a month to bathe herself in love, be kind to herself and create safety and security within herself.
  • She should break the pattern of panic and go into reassurance.
  • She should research inner child meditations.

Action Steps:


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It’s hard to heal a wound that your repeating patterns keep re-opening.

Do you soothe your discomfort with resilience, planning, and action? What would the outcome be if you soothed yourself with love?

Where in your life can you let go, for 30 days, and allow the universe to surprise you?