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How to Trust Yourself

Is there a decision you are struggling with? Is there something you want to do but you just are not 100% sure if you should?

If your answer is yes, how would it feel if I gave you permission to make the choice you want to make but are scared to?

My guess is you would feel relief. But then you would question that relief with what if’s like:

What if I hurt someone? What if I fail? What if it isn’t the “right” decision? What if people don’t agree?

All these what if’s are keeping you in limbo. They are keeping you a prisoner of fear. They are reinforcing a limiting belief that other people’s feelings or expectations are more important than your TRUTH.

In today’s vlog I talk about how to stop doubting and start trusting yourself. Be sure to watch because this is a VERY important topic if you want to live into your full potential.

One of the most common patterns I’ve seen in over a decade of being a coach is people seeking me out for clarity about a decision. Almost 100% of the time, they already know the answer. They are just looking for someone to give them reassurance and permission.

But it’s not my job (or anyone else’s) to give you permission. What is my job as a coach is to guide you back to trusting your intuition. YOU are the boss of your life!! You can trust your intuition even if it does not always make sense or feels scary. 

It is time to stop running to other people for answers! Believe me, I understand how hard that is especially when it comes to BIG decisions. In the vlog I share an example of a biggie decision in my life that involved a pretty awesome move from my Dad so be sure to watch.

Remember:  You cannot develop self-trust without action.  Sitting in indecision just reinforces self-doubt and anxiety (Tweet this!). The minute you make a choice, you are back in action and you feel free. Worst-case scenario is there may be an expectation hangover but then you just pivot, learn and adjust. But paralysis by analysis just keeps you stuck!

What do you need to give yourself permission to do? Head on over to the blog and comment so I can cheer you on!!

I believe in you! I trust you! It’s time for you to trust you.

With love,


p.s. Did you catch my podcast this week? I coach Montana on how to put herself first in order to figure out what she wants to do professionally. Go here to listen

Coaches Corner: Untame Yourself with Elizabeth Dialto

podcast img new 800 x 800Are you ready to untame your soul?? That sounds really good doesn’t it? Or maybe it doesn’t – maybe it sounds terrifying.  Either way, I have one of my best friends and soul sisters here for you on Coaches Corner to talk about it.

Meet Elizabeth Dialto.  She is the founder of Wild Soul Movement.  Her mission is to build community, curate conversations, and create content, events, and experiences that turn your relationship with yourself into one of the most wild, passionate love affairs of your lifetime.

The Wild Soul Movement™ program provides a grounded and loving practice in self-discovery designed to get all parts of you in right relationship with each other. Elizabeth’s aim is to meet you where you are and guide you to where you want to be while always keeping primary focus on cultivating your trust and faith in the idea that everything you’ve ever needed has always been inside of YOU.

We talk about what the wild soul moment is about and Elizabeth shares how she learned to love herself and her body by stripping away everything that was preventing her from seeing what already was, and she is committed to help you do the same

I am personally taking this course and am a part of the WSM, you can join me at wildsoulmovement.com/christine

And to join the Summer of Love Challenge go to christinehassler.com/love-challenge

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The most important things to know about yourself

“Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one’s values.” – Ayn Rand

“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” -Roy Disney

Knowing what your core values are is extremely beneficial, even crucial, to your happiness. The importance and power of explicitly defining values became even clearer to me on a trip to Vegas earlier this week…and no it’s not because I went there and comprised mine (although that would make for a juicy update!).  Las Vegas is not really known as the Mecca of enlightenment, but there is a place off the strip where a lot of people are delivering happiness.  The place is called Zappos.

I had the opportunity to spend some time with employees at the Zappos office and take the popular headquarters tour with my incredibly informative and entertaining guide, Rocco.  By the end of the day I understood why it is rated as one of the best places to work.  Everyone there loves working there and really likes each other as well.   But they don’t love it because they love selling shoes (and now accessories, clothing, electronics and more). They love it because of what it’s like to work there.  Zappos has done an incredible job of creating a culture that brings out the best in all their employees. In a nutshell, they’ve done this by making their ten core values the number one thing that everyone works for and toward.  I saw first hand how these values are shared, spoken about and experienced by everyone. And working with these core values as a compass delivers a lot of happiness (and success) on both a personal and professional level.  If this is possible on a company wide level, I know it’s possible for you to live a life of value-infused goodness!

My invitation to you today is to take a lesson from the success Zappos has modeled by clarifying your own core values. The importance of knowing our values is taught all over the personal and business development field. However, few of us actually create a specific, clarified and thoughtful list of our core values that govern our thoughts, words, choices, goals, and behaviors.  You fit into this category if you are not quickly able to rattle of your most important values without having to give it much thought.

My guess is that getting clear on your core values will be a very valuable experience for you.  So take some time right now (what’s the value in waiting?) to clarify your values.  When you begin your list, just write down everything that comes to mind – don’t worry about clarifying it to somewhere between five and ten core values immediately.  When you feel complete, you’ll start to notice that certain values fit into a larger “big picture” value.  For example, some of the qualities on my value list were: compassion, understanding, affection, and kindness.  I realized that all of these things are components of my number one core value: LOVE.  Values like family, friends, conversation, and laughter fit into another one of my core values: CONNECTION.

When creating your values, remember they are for YOU. Trust your gut and pick words (or phrases) that feel enlivening, comprehensive and meaningful to you rather than things you think “should” be on there.   If each value evokes specific pictures, feeling and visions that truly resonate with what is most important to you, then you are spot on! After you have identified your core values display them somewhere, or multiple places, where you can see them.  The most flourishing companies display their core values and create teams, visions and goals around them. Why don’t we as individuals do the same so that we can fully flourish in our own lives?

If you are wishy washy with your values or make choices that are out of integrity with them, life can be more difficult. Why? Because if you are not living in sync with what is TRULY most important to you, you are not getting the ultimate value out of your life.  On the other hand, the clearer you are with your values, the easier life gets! When you know unequivocally what you value most, it gets easier to know what choices to make and actions to take based upon whether or not they are in alignment your values.  And as you make choices and take actions based on your core values, the more your life becomes a reflection of the things that are most important to you. Deliver happiness to yourself by living a life that is governed by your values.



“Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values.”  -Dalai Lama

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