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These stats disturbed me!

I recently came across some statistics that got my attention . . .

In order to gain a deeper understanding of the motivations and desires of entrepreneurs, Amway conducted the Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report where they researched key drivers and behaviors of entrepreneurs.

This year they focused on the “entrepreneurial spirit” (see why this got my attention!) and surveyed of 50,000 people across the globe.

They discovered all kinds of interesting things but the three things that stood out to me the most were:

  1. Female respondents are less willing to start a business compared to male respondents because they feel less likely to be supported by those close to them
  2. As age increased, respondents are less inclined to becoming self-employed
  3. 70% of respondents said FEAR of failure was the #1 obstacle to becoming an entrepreneur (even if they wanted to be one)

Okay, this is NOT okay – check out my rant and huge dose of encouragement if you fall into one of the above categories in my vlog.

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The meanest person you’ll ever meet…

Do you know who the meanest person you’ll ever meet is?

It’s your own inner critic. I came face-to-face with mine this week, which I tell you more about in today’s vlog.

Now why in the world would I say that a part of you is meaner than anyone else? I’m sure you can think of a time where you’ve said some nasty things about yourself that you wouldn’t dare say about someone else. Why do we beat ourselves up when we are such a nice person?

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What season are you in?

I am writing to you from beautiful Bali (I know, I know…it’s rough!) with a message that I hope comforts you and helps you move into acceptance of wherever you are.

Exactly seven years ago, I was in Bali and it actually was really rough. I came here right as I was deciding whether or not to separate from my marriage with the intention to gain some clarity and hopefully, some peace.

But it was not a peaceful trip at all.

Once I got here, I was incredibly lonely. Honeymooners and lovey-dovey couples were everywhere. I did not know my way around. And all my sadness, fear and anxiety about the future came up. I cried every day. I wanted to go home and felt so far away from everything I knew – including my own identity.

Although that trip was not exactly a vacation, it was a rite of passage. It supported me in facing my grief and loneliness. It forced me to be present and truly feel the season of life I was in. And eventually, I got through that season which gives me even deeper gratitude for this beautiful season of life I am in now.

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How to not take on someone else’s pain

Ever love someone so much it literally hurts to see them suffer and your heart just breaks?

Ever feel like you have so much empathy for others, even strangers, that you cannot help but take in their pain?

I get it. As a sensitive and empathic person, I feel deeply. So much so that for years I had third eye migraines because I did not want to “see” other people’s pain. But thanks to many amazing spiritual teachers I have learned the difference between sympathy and compassion.

That distinction was incredibly important for me to remember recently as I witnessed someone I love in a lot of pain. It was so hard to see this person suffering. My heart literally hurt. I wanted to fix, solve, rescue – anything to make their pain stop. But I couldn’t. The only thing I could do, the only loving thing I could do, was just hold a space of unconditional love and compassion. I share more about this in today’s vlog.

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